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6 Ways to Transform Your Kitchen into a Social Hub

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In this day and age, everyone wants to be in the kitchen, especially when they’re hosting guests. Perhaps it’s the proximity to the wine fridge or maybe it’s the escape from the rest of the house? No matter what the reason, there’s no better time to transform your kitchen into the social hub it deserves to be. Throughout this article, we will teach you how to make the transition. 

Make a Cook-Free Zone

Kitchens aren’t all about cooking these days, so it’d be a good idea to create a space away from food. This can be as simple as investing in a secondary kitchen table for people to read books and have a quiet cup of Joe. If your kitchen is extremely spacious, you can get yourself completely separate kitchen and dining room chairs, which can double up for dining when you have too many guests. 

Open Plan

To be social in your kitchen, you need to have enough space to manoeuvre the area. Therefore, you should aim for an open-plan kitchen that’s clear of unnecessary clutter, which will let people move around whenever there’s cooking going down. 

Kitchen Island

If you’ve got the space, have a kitchen island installed, which will become the centrepiece. Having a central focal point will help to facilitate sporadic communication. Further, you will have more space to cook, alongside a platform for casual dining. Whether it’s your family grabbing a quick breakfast for work/school or your friends having a chat over a glass of wine, the island will benefit everyone. 

Get a Speaker

You only need to look at concerts and music festivals to know that music is a great way to promote togetherness. Therefore, you should make sure your kitchen has a speaker, which you can pack full of everyone’s favourite playlists. Music will help to create an ambience, which will entice your guests to stay longer. 

Store Books in the Kitchen

You’re not expected to turn your kitchen into a library but having a small bookshelf near your coffee table is a great idea. You can store all your favourite cooking books, but make sure you mix things up by having genres to suit everyone’s tastes. You can enjoy these books together, and they can help to form an anchor point for conversations. 

Maintain Cleanliness

It won’t matter how much work you put into your kitchen, if you keep it filthy, no one will want to hang out in there. Take pride in your space and ensure the surfaces, floors, and appliances all get cleaned down regularly. Doing this will show others that you care about your kitchen, but you’ll also be helping to stop the spread of germs. If you’ve got a large family at your disposal, utilise that by creating a cleaning rota. 

The kitchen has become the go-to social hub of the household, and there are plenty of ways you can easily transform your space. The key to creating your new social area is to have something there for everyone to enjoy. 

Originally posted 2022-06-24 17:49:35.

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