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The last few months have been quite controversial for cryptocurrencies; the interest in regulating them has become more notable for countries leading AI bitcoin bot whose movements and transactions with cryptocurrencies have increased significantly and financial entities.

The massive adoption of cryptocurrencies in 2021 has led many people to control their finances without the intervention of third parties, which is quite interesting.

New Savings Methods for Retirement Plans

Given the difficult economic and financial situation that the United States is going through, a proposal has emerged before Congress that is quite important regarding investments in cryptocurrencies.

For the US government, cryptocurrencies have begun to represent risks to the economy, according to their political leaders, only that all this is because the money invested in this type of digital assets cannot be controlled by the State and is much less subject to fiscal retention.

This proposal is quite attractive for many people who have their savings saved, meaning that if it were achieved, around two billion dollars would be transferred to cryptographic investments to investments in Bitcoin.

Given the unstoppable inflation that the United States is going through, the option of investing in Bitcoin does not sound so far-fetched, even with the downward streak that it is developing so far in 2022.

The US government alarms were activated after the Fidelity broker offered this investment to all savers.

Bitcoin could be considered an option to safeguard capital for these citizens since their money is being devalued in banks without even being able to stop it.

Agreements between workers and employers to save in Bitcoin

After the announcement of being able to invest capital from the retirement fund in Bitcoin, many companies have shown great interest, only that to materialize, there must be a mutual agreement between workers and companies.

The maximum amount they estimate to allocate in investments with Bitcoin would be 20% of the total capital saved; of course, it could be less, but this would be the maximum limit.

This proposal will be offered under the name of 401(k) accounts, which are savings accounts in which employers, in favor of encouraging their employees to save, usually register them, thus contributing to tax exemptions when declaring income tax.

The catalog of cryptographic products they will offer for investments in retirement plans is based on Bitcoin. Still, the doors are also opened to investments based on ETFs derived from this cryptocurrency.

Many options are being created with the possibility of diversifying the savings accounts of North American workers. Previously, educational forums and preparations will be held that allow future users to understand the pros and cons of this new labor investment strategy.

Regulatory measures do not guarantee savings in Bitcoin

The ongoing activity of regulatory entities in creating measures, regulations, and even bills to prevent cryptocurrencies from gaining ground in financial investments seems to affect the valuation of Bitcoin but not its adoption.

With the inflationary situation that the United States is going through, cryptocurrencies, even in their not-so-favorable case, are representing the lifeline of the income of the citizens of this country.

Although the Department of Labor of the North American country did not demonstrate a closed position before the adoption of a cryptographic savings model, it openly suggested that the companies in charge of managing these funds should always act in favor of the employees.

The position of the national body does not rule out the option of managing savings in Bitcoin, only that they consider that although they are digital assets with a predominant trajectory and use, they are always risky.

This position arises from the fear that workers’ savings may lose value due to the volatility of this type of digital asset.

Without leaving aside the fact that several people or companies of dubious origin or with malicious intent make the benefit most treasured by workers fall into fraud.

Regardless of the positions of the entities, savings companies are diversifying their investment portfolios with firm steps towards adopting a new way to encourage the use of cryptocurrencies and that everyone benefits from this new investment strategy.


Despite being the subject of many comments and critical positions, both favorable and unfavorable, Cryptocurrencies have not stopped advancing in their positioning as reliable investment instruments.

All financial markets are risky; the important thing is to know how to take the correct steps in the investment process, where the best ally is Bitcoin-Prime trading.


Originally posted 2022-06-15 20:07:18.

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