Investments in cryptocurrencies are not such a crazy idea for the world’s billionaires; they may be the ones with the most considerable stored capital assets; they bet at least 1% of their fortunes at https://bitcoinsmarter.de/.

Those who have the most bet on digital currencies

The financial market has suffered the same turmoil as the digital market, only because they are backed assets they are usually more easily recovered. At the same time, the most significant impact is received by CRYPTOCURRENCIES.

An economic situation that has not benefited many is the one that the United States is currently going through. There may be hidden interests, but it is dragging not only the economy of this power but that of many people and households.

That is why even in this critical situation, there are more who join crypto investments with the absolute confidence that the downtrend will change at some point. Then, the profits will be reverted to their investors.

Such is the case that not only people with limited capital are those who invest, but also those who amass enormous fortunes are doing so.

According to a recent survey by Forbes, the fact that around 30% of the world’s billionaires are investing in cryptocurrencies was highlighted.

Although many have shown negative towards these financial instruments, they have not ceased to consider them among their intangible assets since, at any time, they capitalize on them instead of diminishing their fortunes.

The leading currency among the investments of this select group of society in the world is Bitcoin. Its market capitalization makes it even more attractive.

All expect the change in the cycle of cryptocurrencies in equal parts; let us remember that too much money is in the middle, which undoubtedly impacts the investment perspective of digital currencies.

The rise in the price of digital currencies may not happen in the short term. Still, in the medium term, it is there that the fortunes of these tycoons increase significantly, which makes their confidence in crypto investments increase.

What is the reason for the change in attitude?

Various versions of what digital currencies represent for the future of the global economy have been released on several occasions.

What is certain is that cryptocurrencies have managed to position themselves significantly in the financial market, proposing the digitization of not only people but also large companies worldwide.

The benefits offered by these digital assets are even more significant than the adverse effects, such as the volatility that sometimes overwhelms cryptocurrencies.

The emergence of exchange platforms shows that cryptocurrencies represent a fairly established digital financial system. It is not something temporary, an aspect that is constantly evaluated by the owners of commercial and financial emporiums.

One of the suggestions handled in the middle of these powers of the economy assumes that investments between 1 and 3% in cryptocurrencies are the most viable because the Fiat currencies could collapse and leave many in the hands of the crisis.

The change in attitude towards cryptocurrencies is because, in 2021, many of these prominent entrepreneurs benefited from the large-scale profits generated during this year, which could be repeated in 2022.

In the face of a downtrend, they assume that since they could win, even could also lose, but the impact would not be so drastic since they are machines to generate money; what is attractive to them is the ability to reach valuations that no other asset could offer them.

Cryptocurrencies can be considered wealth deposits since their valuation can change drastically, generating significant profits for everyone.

The current inflation, although it seems to affect Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, could be an interesting aspect in terms of valuation because all traditional assets are being affected by the high inflation rate in the United States.

The constant issuance of money may create a favorable scenario for Bitcoin to rise, reaching new historical highs, significantly changing the trend that has been in continuous decline since the beginning of the year.


Today the most exciting trend is the high adoption of cryptocurrencies by investors of all socioeconomic levels, from those who invest $10 to those who support thousands and millions.

Cryptographic investments are for everyone, who is why in Bitcoin-Prime trading system, you will find the option that suits your needs and investment profile.

Financial risks are in any market; that is why cryptocurrencies assume this characteristic as if they were any other financial asset.