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European Casino Association predicts a complicated 2022

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For two years now, the Corona pandemic has held the world’s breath. Almost a month of the new year 2022 has passed, but real improvement does not seem to be in sight. While in some countries, all Corona measures and regulations have been lifted due to the mild Omicron variant, Australian politicians continue to tighten their belts. According to those in power, compulsory vaccination must be enforced, which means restrictions for the unvaccinated indefinitely. In the gambling world, this affects, first and foremost, the gambling houses. Anyway, gamblers at online casinos can take their Yoju casino sign up bonus at any time.

Difficult, uncertain times will continue in 2022

A few days ago, we reported that the Australian gaming industry had been hit hard by the Corona pandemic. Less than a week later, the ECA is also warning about the continuing restrictions accompanying the gaming arcades this year. So while online casinos are experiencing a sales boom, terrestrial casinos are hit hard by the virus pandemic.

ECA director Per Jaldung gives casino operators little hope for the freshly dawned year, as Corona restrictions will limit the daily routine of gaming house operators for the time being. Last year, each casino in Europe had to close for 150 days due to Corona regulations, which is almost half of the year. While establishments in Hungary got off lightly with only 54 closure days, terrestrial gaming arcades in France were hit the hardest with 199 days.

2022 will not be better

The forecast for 2022 looks anything but good because, at the moment, most European countries still have hygiene regulations for visiting a gambling house. Furthermore, in many countries, 2G-plus rules apply to gambling halls, making going to a casino much more difficult for gamblers. For example, a vaccination rate of about 70% in Germany already excludes 30% of the population as potential casino customers. In addition, the remaining 70% still have to be tested in most cases before they are allowed to visit a casino. Due to the many regulations and the effort involved, this person also switches to online casinos, which further harms the business of terrestrial gambling halls.

Due to the sometimes arbitrary decisions of politicians and the not very successful handling of the pandemic in the past two years, the future for offline casino operators is considered uncertain. However, they will continue to experience significant drops in turnover, so the state aid must be extended. Because otherwise, there will be significantly fewer terrestrial gambling halls in 2023, as is still the case.

Originally posted 2022-03-28 14:59:30.

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