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Cyclo’s Veterinary Clinic Makeover: Maximising Space and Service

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The extended veterinary facility in Wagga Wagga, built with Cyclos’ expertise, has made Alexandra Keough’s dream a reality and has had a tremendous impact on the local community. The veterinary institution serves the entire New South Wales (NSW) region with its massive 1000 square meter facility, offering a comprehensive range of services, including 24/7 emergency care.

Now, with the expanded veterinary centre, the local community has peace of mind knowing that immediate and reliable care for their furry babies is available around the clock. This has not only saved time and reduced stress for pet owners but has also potentially saved the lives of many beloved pets.

Alexandra and her crew had no trouble selecting Cyclo over other builders. They were looking for a builder to design and build their dream facility and operate within their constraints. The Cyclo team gave clarity and dependability to the process. They gave Alexandra and her team a clear budget and a plain approach without overwhelming them with extra details. Here are more details on how Cyclo made Alexandra’s dream come true.

Optimising Workflow Efficiency

The most notable impact of the expansion is the additional space that is now available. Alexandra’s team could now navigate more comfortably, delivering a more efficient and seamless experience for valued clients and themselves. With Cyclo’s vet clinic design and fit out expertise, Alexandras’ team can provide top-notch care to animal pals in a more conducive atmosphere because tight corners and limited maneuverability no longer confine them.

The advantages spread far beyond the facility’s walls. Walking dogs became a pleasurable experience, free of the entanglement of leads and the constraints of tight spaces. Dogs were allowed to extend their legs and investigate, making their outings more fun and refreshing.

Furthermore, the new facility’s spaciousness allowed for a better client experience. They were met by an atmosphere of comfort and calm, instilling trust and relaxation. The waiting area allowed people to sit comfortably, while distinct rooms for different activities ensured a smooth flow and solitude when needed.

Enhanced Comfort for Client and Staff

The facility was designed to be client-friendly as well as staff-friendly. Alexandra knew how crucial it was to create a comfortable work atmosphere with 24-hour operations. Cyclo recognised this need and met it by establishing dedicated areas such as a family room, a vet flat, a vet hub, and vet offices. 

Clients are catered to in the family room, which provides a comfortable waiting area. The vet flat and hub provide dedicated locations for personnel to rest and collaborate, helping build community. Private veterinary offices provide a calm and focused environment. The strategically positioned staff kitchen promotes social contact and relaxation. The balcony is a clever addition that provides a relaxing outside rest place. 

With 24-hour operations in mind, these well-designed spaces contribute to a healthy work atmosphere by encouraging teamwork and client pleasure. The facility’s layout prioritizes the client’s requirements and understands the need for a supportive and comfortable environment for the dedicated staff, ultimately improving the entire experience for everyone involved.

Seamless Transition

The moving process for Lake Road Veterinary was executed with expertise and efficiency. Thanks to Cyclo’s assistance in setting up the medical equipment, the facility was fully functional even before the physical move. It meant that clients experienced minimal disruptions to their routine veterinary care, allowing for a seamless transition.

The client reception area is a notable component of the new facility. Clients have repeatedly appreciated the welcoming atmosphere and increased sense of space. It is especially appreciated in emergencies, as clients may spend meaningful time with their pets while receiving critical care.

Aside from the outstanding greeting space, the entire facility has been built to maximise the customer experience. The facility’s structure ensures smooth flow and minimises wait periods, allowing immediate response to creatures in need. Clients have expressed thanks for the improved care and service they currently receive, owing to the attention to detail and focus on client happiness.

Why Choose Cyclo?

Cyclo has a reputation for quality in the veterinary business and substantial experience in commercial construction and fit-out for professional firms. Their commitment to completing high-quality construction projects is evident in their work for Alexandra’s veterinary clinic and several other delighted customers.

Aside from their remarkable track record, Cyclo’s dedication to client satisfaction distinguishes them. They respect the relationships they develop with their clients as a family-owned business and prioritise open communication and collaboration throughout the construction process. It ensures that the demands and tastes of the clients are satisfied, resulting in a customised and functional place that exceeds expectations.

Each project benefits from Cyclo’s talented workers’ breadth of knowledge and skills. Their attention to detail and devotion to high craftsmanship shine through whether they are planning and building a new veterinary clinic or renovating an old location. They understand veterinary clinics’ specific needs and concerns, and their solutions are functional and visually beautiful. 

Cyclo’s comprehensive project management methodology ensures that all construction activities are completed on schedule and efficiently coordinated. With over 30 years of expertise, they have worked with accountants, lawyers, engineers, universities, and medical practices throughout the Eastern States, honing their talents in delivering projects on time and within budget.

Wrapping it Up!

If you’re considering a building project for your professional firm, look no further than Cyclo. Their knowledge, straightforward communication, and attention to detail make them a top choice in the industry. Don’t just take our word for it. Alexandra Keough highly endorses Cyclo as a dependable and trustworthy builder.


Originally posted 2023-11-15 05:25:40.

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