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Exploring The Need For Tree Stump Removal – HighPoint Trees

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When you have a tree stump or two in the garden that needs removing the best thing you can do is look for expert tree removal Sydney based services. They have the experience, equipment, training and knowledge to carry out the removal process safely with minimal impact on the rest of your garden. Often people will have a tree stump left on their land somewhere sitting ignored as people think either it is fine to just leave it, or they do not know what to do with it. Here we look at why it is best to deal with the stump rather than ignore it, and how that might happen.

What problems can stumps cause?

When it comes tree removal getting rid of the stumps is certainly the hardest part of the job! That is why you find some services offering to cut down the tree but will leave the stump on your property. It is hard work! But actually leaving that stump causes its own problems for some people.

  1. Stumps do not always die when they are left to supposedly rot. That means those roots can still cause problems, damage property, divert nutrients and water away from the rest of the garden to the stump and lower the health of the soil.
  2. While the stump roots are drawing nutrients to a tree that is no longer using that fuel it leads to disease, fungus, an infestation of pests including insects and rodents.
  3. Without tree stump removal the roots can push up paving and damage the driveway and such.

Advantages to having your tree stump removed

A tree removal Sydney service can help you take back your garden! Reasons to take care of the stump include;

  • Getting rid of the vermin and pests that might be creeping from the stump into your home.
  • Having the space cleared so you can use that part of the garden again.
  • The rest of the plants and trees in your garden have all the water and nutrients they need so will thrive better.
  • No tripping issues over the stump or the roots that are coming up.

There are different ways a tree service might offer to remove a tree stump, there are chemicals they can pour, different equipment options, and there is a grinding process. Grinding is becoming a popular choice for tree stump removal because you are not having chemicals added to your garden plus the process results in a lot of wood chips you can use for your garden. How does grinding work?

  1. The tree service brings with them their tree stump grinder to your garden.
  2. The teeth of the grinder are set over the stump and the grinding process begins.
  3. The wood being broken down gets turned into mulch that can be used elsewhere in your garden.
  4. The experts make sure the depth is enough to ensure the trump is cleared.
  5. All materials and waste are removed and the space cleaned up.
  6. Some of the mulch created can go into the hole to fill it in.
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