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How Long Does Hot Water Last in a tank?

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Hot water heaters usually function for decades until they suddenly break down, leaving you shivering in the cold. Do hot water systems survive long and can their lifespan be extended? We will explore hot water systems and their longevity.

Two types of hot water systems exist

  1. Instant hot water heaters — are tankless water heaters that can heat continuously at any time. They last for 20 years.
  2. Water storage – Here, the hot water is stored in tanks. Heating elements and corrosion are common problems with tank-based hot water systems. Tanks are typically covered for 5-10 years by manufacturers, and storage hot water systems are covered for 10 years old.

Plan the Lifespan of your Hot Water System

According to Clearwater Plumbing, how you use, maintain, and treat your hot water system affects its longevity. Hard water causes rapid internal component degradation, reducing lifespan by approximately two years.

Gas hot water systems (Tank): 8-12 years

  • Gas hot water systems (Tankless): 20 years
  • Electric hot water systems (Tank): 10-15 years
  • Electric hot water systems (Tankless): 20 years
  • Solar hot water systems: 10-20 years

No tanks, double the life of standard water heaters. Regular maintenance can add nearly ten years to its lifespan.

Replace hot water heater with gas

Due to rising energy costs and increased efficiency, customers are progressively replacing their hot water systems with gas hot water. A guarantee and energy star ratings are included in every gas hot water system Clearwater Plumbing is one of the best Hot Water Systems Geelong provider installs. 

Manufacturing Date Of Your Water Heating System 

On the cylinder’s upper surface you can find the manufacturer’s label. The label would carry a date or serial number. When in doubt, check the manufacturer’s website. Consider upgrading your hot water system if it is frequently breaking down or is over 10-12 years old.

Common causes for the breakdown of hot water tanks 

Due to rust, corrosion, or the accumulation of sediment, water heaters often fail because of a buildup of hot spots and pinholes in the tank’s bottom. Your tank is like a tea kettle with sand at the bottom, so think of it this way: 

In order to keep the water warm, you have to turn the burner up all the time since silt acts as an insulator. The burner and tank’s life spans are shortened because of the increased wear and tear on the burner. 

Eventually, the tank will begin to leak. A tank’s life expectancy is a bit of a guessing game. A tank’s guaranteed lifespan is a highly accurate indicator of how long it will continue to function reliably.

Make your hot water system last longer!

Did you know that electric hot water systems mostly fail in the winter? Winters call for additional hot water. The cooler weather outdoors makes the hot water system work harder. The most typical difficulties stem from a lack of regular upkeep. 

Follow these guidelines provided by Clearwater Plumbing and enjoy your steamy hot showers without worrying about winter breakdowns!

  1. Regular maintenance can help. Any flaws with your system can be identified and fixed by a certified plumber. Servicing the system twice a year is suggested. For hot water system maintenance in Geelong, call ClearWater Plumbing immediately.
  2. Inspect your water heater for cracks, corrosion, and leaks from top to bottom. Regular inspections can detect minor faults before they become major.
  3. Replace anode rods, pressure, and hot water tempering valves every five years.


Fear not for the longevity of your hot water tank for you may, with a few precautions, can rapidly increase it. It’s best to acquire a gas conventional tank water heater if you’re frequently without power. It can provide hot water without power, thereby saving you a lot of headaches. Hire a plumber from Clearwater Plumbing, one of the best providers of Water Systems Geelong to properly install the water heater or its tank. Avail hot water even when there is no power. According to Clearwater Plumbing, proper maintenance of your hot water system will extend its life. Hot Water Systems Geelong is your one-stop shop for all of your Geelong hot water needs! As the go-to plumber for large and small businesses in Geelong, Hot Water Systems Geelong can get you a new water supply quickly. Call Clearwater Plumbing for the best Hot Water Systems in Geelong today if your hot water system is leaking or you aren’t getting enough hot water.

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