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Importance of Email Verification for an Email Marketer

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Imagine driving a vehicle without any verified license. The only thing that will happen to you is that the traffic police will find you with a happy face.

In email verification, no one will find you, but an email marketer needs to reach the target audience. What is common and important in both cases is validation or verification!!

What is email verification?

In the very basic language, Email verification is verifying a valid email address so that the email is sent to a real person. 

How does email verification happen?

Syntax error checking –

  • Syntax error checking is an important part of an email verification where it is checked whether the (.) and (@) symbols are placed appropriately. 
  • No more than 64 characters are included in the local part of an email. 
  • All the special characters like # “ $ % * ? \ ! ~ { } [ ] . _ – should be written in the local part and not in the beginning or end. 

Domain name verification – 

It is an important step for one simple reason – the website expires, and so do email addresses tied to it. 

A domain name starts right after @ symbol and email verifiers check whether the domain name is spelled correctly and is valid or not. E.g., phoenix@delta.com, where @delta.com is the domain name. 

Mailbox validation – 

It is to determine the active status of an email whether the email address exists or not.  

Let us dive in to know why email verification is important for email marketers – 

Prevention of email bounce rates – 

Bounce rate refers to the number of email addresses in your subscribers’ list that didn’t receive messages as a recipient mail server sent it. 

Bounce rates are of two types – Hard bounce and soft bounce rates. 

Email verification service checks the following criteria to prevent bounce rates – 

  • Existence of email address
  • Domain name validation 
  • Email message length (if it is too long, then it leads to soft bounce rates)
  • Mailbox is full or not

The average email bounce rate, including both hard and soft bounces across industries is 0.7% – campaignmonitor 

Thus, email verification helps maintain lists that prevent bounce rates so that an email marketer can send messages to valid users. 

Email verification prevents spam traps – 

If an email marketer continuously sends emails to invalid users or email addresses that don’t exist, it will affect its sender score and mark its messages as spam. 

Email verification can prevent spam traps by periodically removing unengaged subscribers or known as list hygiene

If you follow email marketing practices ideally, it will be much easier to connect with your target audiences. 

Spams, bounce rates are like breakwaters that can harm your sender’s reputation. As an email marketer, you don’t want to lose your valuable subscribers, right?? Get your email verification done to avoid such breakwaters. 

Reach target audience – 

Now reaching the target audience is the goal of every email marketer. Isn’t it?

A question arises – who are these target audiences?

The answer would be – The users/customers/subscribers interested in your services or products and have a common say. 

Email verification helps email marketer to find their target users by removal of invalid subscribers who cause spam traps. If your target audience is not defined, you cannot embark on a marketing strategy and achieve many conversion rates. You can then focus on your efforts once you know your clients and what you need to serve them. 

Design your marketing strategy so that the customers will come up to your business and you get good open rates. 

Increased return on investment – 

ROI or return on investment is used to measure the efficiency and profitability of email marketing. 

Take a look at the graph that depicts ROI through emails.

In email marketing, everything is interconnected. Email verification helps increase ROI by boosting brand awareness and generating website traffic. 

The main purpose of email verification is to verify valid email addresses from the number of invalid accounts. This will lead the email marketer to connect with the target audience and create ROI by boosting its services. 

Improves customer engagement – 

Customer engagement is the most vital part of email marketing, making an email marketer think out of the box. 

It is so because poor customer experience can impact the brand’s image, costing an email marketer valuable subscribers. 

Email validation or verification helps create long-term relationships with your customers. 

Higher deliverability will increase chances of higher open rates, click-through rates, and conversions. 

Verifying email in real-time and reverifying emails listed in your database will ensure that the messages reach real people and any non-existent accounts. 

Improves sender score –

By sending emails frequently to inboxes of users without knowing whether it is valid or invalid may affect senders’ scores. 

Email verifiers have tools to verify valid email accounts, remove them from the mix, and increase the deliverability score and senders’ reputation. 

Spam traps are the biggest thorn that decreases sender scores. Thus, it affects the brand’s image, and the marketer might lose valuable users. 

Solves deliverability issues –  

Deliverability issues remain at the peak of every email marketer’s worry list. 

BUT what exactly is email deliverability? 

When the email reaches your subscriber’s inbox, this event is called email deliverability. 

There are loads of ways to increase deliverability scores, and email verification is one of them!!

Besides email verification, you can do the following things for a good deliverability score – 

  • Stop buying email lists 
  • Avoid using spammy words 
  • Keep a check on sender reputation
  • Always keep sending frequency right 
  • List segmentation and list cleaning 
  • Use email authentication tools like – 
  • DKIM (DomainKeys Identified Mail) 
  • SPF (sender policy framework) 

Wrap up – 

Email verification can help email marketers reach their marketing goals. When you are using email marketing to market any affiliate programs, then email verification is very much necessary.

Knowing the target audience to generate revenue from website traffic is all a part of email marketing strategy. 

Therefore, verifying emails should be on the top of the email marketers’ list to define their goals. 

List hygiene is also not a new term for email marketers, but it is effectively used to remove void users and accounts.  

All the above factors are important to have a successful email marketing business.  

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