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People are buying everything through AfterPay, even king size mattresses- How and Why?

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Everyone needs a good mattress for their bed, and after a hard day’s work, everyone deserves a comfortable sleep. In fact, the first thing you think about when it comes to your bedroom is probably your bed and mattress. King size mattresses help people to relax and sleep peacefully without causing neck soreness or issues of back pain. But often, because of budget constraints, people can not afford such a big and comfortable mattress.

Do you know you can now buy a king size mattress using afterpay without thinking about the budget?  The method of Afterpay is simple and is a hassle-free payment option many industries in Australia provide to their customers so that they can purchase the product they like and pay easily in 4 easy installments.

Improving your sleeping habits gives your life a world of difference. Imagine waking up feeling fresh and well-rested, without the pains and aches in your back! It all starts by making sure you have the right mattress for your needs. Everyone is different, so don’t settle for a regular mattress; instead, shop one of the widest selection of mattresses online and wake up more fresh and relaxed.

Things to keep in mind before buying a King Size Mattress

First things first, before you even consider purchasing a new king size mattress, you should check to see if your bedroom floor space can handle this massive mattress. Note the king size mattress comes in at 76 x 80 (W x L) inches. Floorspace would not be the only consideration in your calculations, as the furniture of the bedroom must also be taken into account.

Make sure there is more than enough space left in the bedroom for you and your partner to walk about comfortably. If you’re moving to a new home, it’s best to mark out the floor space that the king-size mattress will occupy, then consider where additional furniture will be added. It is important to remember everything when it comes to handling the floor space of the bedroom with a king-size mattress.

Advantages of buying a Double Bed

Though you cannot complement your king size mattress with a double bed using afterpay. Double beds have their advantages. Besides being spacious it has better furnishing uses, too. Double beds are available in various fabrics, designs, and types. It can be made from wood, metal, steel, or leather. It depends on the style of your bedroom. Of course, you’d have to complement your furniture with the design of your bedroom. It’s always safer to sleep in a double bed than a single bed. Double beds are also a great choice for children. This kind of bed is going to last until their teen stage. Only cover the mattress, and your child will carry this double bed to his or her room or you can use it as a bed in the guest room. This form of bed has the potential to serve several years of good use.

The Australian Afterpay inclination:

Traditionally, when you step up to pay at the checkout, Australians have reached for one of two things i.e card or cash. But there’s a new possibility in the area. One that threatens traditional payment instruments, both in-store and online: afterpay. Launched in 2015, Afterpay has been announced in Australia, with 2,2 million people trading on the site as of July 2018. Accessible in about 10,000 individual stores across Australia and New Zealand, the service is available everywhere.

Dubbed the ‘modern-day layby,’ Afterpay is used by many Aussies as a convenient alternative payment option to their shopping needs-a big appeal being that consumers can make transactions without an upfront payment. Instead, shoppers are simply expected to make four equivalent bi-weekly payments beginning two weeks after the date of purchase.

So whether its a king size mattress or a double bed, avail the afterpay service at the King’s Warehouse today!

Originally posted 2020-11-05 07:31:01.

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