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How Can I Deep Clean My Carpet without a Steam Cleaner?

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Various strategies are available for home cleaning of the carpet. You always don’t have to run for expensive machinery or costly cleaning products. Rather, there are simple procedures that you can follow and get results. The carpets have heavy weightage and strong physical strength is needed to clean it. Along with it, carpet cleaning demands proper planning and reliable execution. There are some cautions you need to take before you start the activity at home. They are as follows:

  • Wear gloves
  • Put on masks
  • Wear long shoes
  • Use open space for washing
  • Do not start on rainy days
  • Check the instruments needed for the activity
  • Go with plan
  • Follow the cleaning steps
  • Do not get hasty
  • Work in a group

The above-discussed points are helpful for your security. How rightly is said by someone that “prevention is better than cure”.


Plan out your monthly cleaning activities for all house belongings. It helps in creating a reminder box for leftover items. The deep carpet cleaning of the belongings of the house should be arranged on monthly basis. It supports the house items in good condition.


It’s time to prepare a list of items and products needed, during the cleaning process. Note down the items and then tick them, if you already have.

  • A sweeping brush
  • Wet sponge
  • A vacuum cleaner
  • Stain removal items
  • Vinegar solution
  • Baking soda mixture
  • Dishwashing detergent
  • Essential oil
  • Dryer pump
  • Disinfectant
  • Odor eradicating spray

Check all these items, before you initiate the cleaning activity. If you are missing anything, first visit the market and buy it. It helps in carrying out the cleaning in a smooth way, without any obstacle.

Shift your untidy carpet

It is advisable to move your carpet to an open area for washing. You can choose the car porch, back yard, or balcony of your house. This helps in not causing any damage to other households. It also provides a greater area for thorough washing of dusty carpet.

Take initiative from dust removal

Now start by evicting the dust molecules and allergens from the surface of the carpet. These tiny particles are used to settle on these surfaces. As carpets attract and absorb a lot of dirt. Thus, clearing becomes essential. Take a long brush to sweep this dust or else turn on the vacuum machine. If you are a new user of this machine, don’t worry.

The instructions are attached to it. It will help in using it in a greater way. Apply the vacuum pump evenly on the surface, from one end to the other.  Try to use portable cleaners as you can easily use in the garage or backyard.  Nowadays, cordless vacuum cleaners are also available, making life easier.

Removing the stains

Every home contains toddlers, pets, and adults. The former is naughtier and difficult to deal with. They get messy sometimes when they spill away bottle feed, throw away ketchup of fries or pet pee, etc. These stains need to treat, without any delay.  Treating every type of stains need the application of removing solutions. When you don’t have the option of carpet steam cleaning offered by Steamaid, then there are so many effective stain removal hacks.

Spray vinegar-based solution

It is easily made at home. You just have to mix two parts of vinegar, one part of baking soda, some drops of essential oil, and one liter of water. Use this spray to evict the sturdy stains from your carpets. It quickly pulls out these spots and does not harm the surface.

Sprinkle the hydrogen peroxide

It is easily available at the chemist shop. Shower this chemical on the faded or discolored carpet. It will help in enhancing the look. The coloration will start shining again. The sparkling appearance will make you happy and contented.

Use of dishwashing liquid

If you add some parts of dishwashing liquid into the already existing vinegar solution, it gives added cleaning results and shines to the fur of your carpet. This liquid has special chemical properties that made it distinguishing.

Apply wet sponge

After putting any of these solutions, take a bit wet sponge or cloth to clean the surface. Rub it lightly over the surface. Do not rub very hard. Take care of the stuff. The hard scrubbing is somehow dreadful.

Turn on the dryer machine

The time has come for a fast and speedy recovery from a wet surface. Plug switch of dryers and evaporate the moisture as quickly as possible. The moisture content is not safe and healthy for your carpet. As it may start catching many bacterial germs. Their eviction is vital for a clean life.

Spray the sanitizer

Take any sanitizer of good quality that has diverse disinfecting properties. No microbe or germ is seen anymore. Avoid the use of any carpet steam cleaners because they are harsh and have severe side effects. The chemical-based products are not good for health and even for your belonging. Because it may sometimes cause destructive results.

Originally posted 2020-11-04 18:15:54.

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