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All You Need To Know About Soil Wetting Agents

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Wetting agents can be defined as a special class of compounds known as surfactants or surface-active agents. It’s used as a component for the growing medium of plants because it lowers water’s surface tension, allowing it to penetrate & spread evenly across the soil. 

One of the significant methods through which wetting agents can do this is by weakening the cohesive properties of water while also strengthening its adhesive characteristics. 

The Importance Of Wetting Agents

In case you’re not aware, wetting agents play a significant role in the growing cycle of plants. However, it should be realised that the application of wetting agents is not a one-time process, but a continuous procedure. This is because the initial application of the wetting agent will lose its effectiveness over time. 

The use of wetting agents will be determined by soil fertility. Once applied, you can expect your wetting agent to last at least eight to ten weeks, at a stretch, after which you need to replenish the same. 

The effectiveness of the wetting agent will diminish over time, which is directly proportional to its chemical properties. For instance, if the chemical composition is high, then you can expect your wetting agent to last comparatively longer than the one which has lesser chemical composition. 

You must also remember that the use of a wetting agent will likewise depend on the greenhouse environment, irrigation methods and type of crop that is being grown.

Therefore, if you’re planning to grow crops that need a long time to flourish, you have to be very careful regarding your usage with your wetting agents because there will be dry and wet seasons in-between the growing cycle of the plants. 

What Are The Advantages Of Reapplication Of Wetting Agents?

It should be perceived that the need for reapplication will depend solely on the grower because if the grower feels the need for reapplication, then the wetting agents can be reapplied again. 

Reapplication will help in minimising the dry & wet areas inside the growing medium, which will assist the plant to get a sufficient amount of water for growth. As a result, it will help in saving man-labour while also saving fertilizer and water in the process.

Use of wetting agents will improve the overall distribution of dissolved fertilizers and pesticides. Moreover, these agents can help in the root growth of plants while also enhancing the water & air ratios inside the soil particles. 

Therefore, when you use wetting agents and reapply it regularly, you can expect to utilise the full hundred per cent of resources available at your disposal. You can expect to improve the plant health while also reducing any plant stress. 

So, if you’re in the market for purchasing wetting agents, be sure to get in touch with us and let us know. We can provide you with some of the highest quality wetting agents out there. 

Originally posted 2021-02-13 19:48:26.

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