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10 Endeavours to Save Up Energy & Grow A Sustainable Business

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It’s never been more important for businesses to save energy, not only to reduce their environmental footprint but to cut costs and create a positive work space for employees.

Below, find 10 simple ways to grow a sustainable business from outsourcing talent like Ndevr carbon neutral, to choose the best electricity provider for your needs.

1. Turn off Electrical Goods   

At the end of the working day, ask employees to switch off all electrical goods such as the lights, air conditioning, computers, and printers. It’s also important to unplug some items completely in order to avoid ‘phantom power’ whereby energy drains even if the device is switched off. 

A smart powerboard will prevent this, even if staff forget to unplug their devices.

2. Use laptops 

As laptops use far less energy than desktop computers, consider asking staff members to use them where possible. This will not only save energy but gives employees the opportunity to work remotely and hot desk if they wish. 

To maximise savings, use a power strip that will turn off automatically to ensure you don’t waste unnecessary power.

3. Choose the right Electricity Provider for you 

First things first: have an energy audit done to see where your company can improve. Then it might be time to look at switching providers to find the best electricity, water, and gas suppliers for your needs. 

4. Go into Economy Mode

Adjust the settings on all devices so that they run in an economy mode as this will minimise power consumption when not in use. Another handy tip is to ensure that computers go into hibernation mode when staff members are out of the office. This will save money in the long run too.

5. Outsource Talent

By outsourcing contractors, your business can save electricity which in turn will cut back on energy bills. 

6. Think before you Travel

Business trips are part of running your own company but before booking flights, ask yourself if the meeting can be held over the phone, Skype or Zoom instead. Not only will this reduce your carbon footprint but you’ll save money too, as there’s no need to pay for accommodation or flights.

7. Work from Home

The Covid-19 pandemic saw businesses around the world introduce work-from-home policies and continuing to offer a flexible work environment will help your business to become more sustainable.

If staff can work from home, they won’t need to commute to work and the business will significantly cut back on its energy usage.

8. Switch up the Lighting

Turning the lights off when you leave the office will save energy but the next step is installing LED light bulbs, as they use up to 75% less electricity in comparison to regular halogen bulbs. They also last up to 50,000 hours which means they’re a wonderful investment!

Motion-sensor lighting is also a great idea as you won’t need to rely on your employees to turn off the lights.  

9. Upgrade your Office Equipment

Did you know that old office equipment that no longer functions at its maximum efficiency uses up unnecessary energy? Investing in new, energy-efficient devices will save money and electricity in the long run. 

Look out for energy ratings when purchasing new equipment, as these will allow you to compare the energy efficiency of different products before making a decision. 

10. Create a Green Team

In order to grow a sustainable business, you need to ensure that everyone is on board. To ensure that you meet your goals, set daily reminders for employees to shut down their electrical devices when the day ends. 

Holding regular competitions with prizes on offer for the teams which decrease their energy usage the most is also a great way to keep everyone motivated. 

It’s also important to stay educated. Inviting environmental organisations to hold a presentation will inspire everyone to keep doing their bit while a partnership with local firms is another brilliant way to share ideas on how to save energy. 

By making these simple changes to your business, you will save energy, cut costs and boost employee morale at the same time.

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