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Varsity Jacket: Top 4 Tips On How To Clean And Maintain Them

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Varsity jackets have been around for ages and they haven’t lost a bit of their popularity. They started being popular as sports uniforms for student teams and have turned into one of the most fashionable attire for everyone, be it men, women, teenagers, and children, worldwide.

Didn’t you ever fancy to have your own jersey? ‘Create your own jersey’ has been a style statement by all fashion enthusiasts. If you have not created your custom letterman jacket, you must consider it now.

A letterman jacket is a special clothing piece that needs your special attention even if you don’t use the jacket to play the sport. Taking care of your varsity jacket is essential.

Read these tips to take good care of your varsity jacket:

# Read the label

A classic jacket is made of wool with leather sleeves. However, with the popularity of the jacket, they are now made with different materials. Some may be cotton. Others could contain synthetic materials.

The jacket’s label could give you all the right maintenance tips that you need to know for your varsity jacket. Every jacket manufacturer will have different washing and care tips that a wearer must stick to maintain the jacket’s longevity and durability.

# Know the material

The first thing that you should know while taking care of the jacket is knowing its material. Most people often overlook the material type while washing the jacket. But this can adversely affect the quality of the jacket. Every material is different and needs different maintenance. You can not wash satin-like you wash your regular cotton clothes.  Once you know the material, you can clean your jacket regularly following the instructions given on the label. 

# Clean  & maintain the leather sleeves

Leather requires a special approach to cleaning. Make the right cleaning solution and wash the jacket very carefully not to damage the leather itself.  Apply the leather lotion on the sleeves and trim, and make circular passes instead of pressing hard. Dip in warm water and apply leather care products like leather conditioners. Not to forget, take the manufacturer’s instructions without fail. If you feel you can not keep up the cleaning, give the jacket to professional cleaners.

Leather sleeves require special attention and precision care. If you accidentally spill something on them, you have to wipe it off immediately. The longer the dirt stays on the leather, the harder it becomes to remove it. If the leather part gets wet, make sure to dry the part with a towel as soon as possible.

# Clean & maintain the wool

The wool part of the jacket is more prone to dirt than the sleeves. However, cleaning it is much harder. Unfortunately, you can not put your custom varsity jacket into the washing machine due to leather components. So you have to hand wash it or ask someone or a professional cleaning service to do it for you.

Maintaining the wool part of your jacket is easy. Simply, try to keep it clean. When the season for your jacket is over, clean it and store it in a garment cover back rather than letting it hang freely in your closet.

Cleaning and maintaining your custom varsity jacket is a bit tougher than simply dropping all your clothes in a washing machine. You can get your custom Hoodies Australia of different material and its best to follow the manufacturer’s instruction. If you are looking for high-quality letterman wholesale t-shirts in Australia or custom jackets, Custom Varsity Apparel is the right place for you.


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