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Kinima Physio – Avoiding Neck and Back Pain at Work

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For numerous individuals working at a desk daily, whether it’s at work or at home due to coronavirus circumstances. A common problem they are faced with is neck and back pain. This is caused by sitting in the same chair for hours at a time, bent over a desk. It increases the probability of having poor posture problems, as well as increasing risk of pain and discomfort. Some people even seek help from a Wembley physio so that they can recommend methods to help manage the pain. This article has a look at what you can do in your work office and your home office to lessen the risk.

Think about how your desk or workstation is setup

Make sure the screen for your computer is at eye level, often this means raising the screen up. If you are using a laptop, use an external mouse and keyboard. Place the monitor so that the center of the screen is in line with your nose. If possible, use a secondary monitor for your laptop. Your keyboard should be placed so that you can bend your elbows 90 degrees as you type. Both the mouse and keyboard should be level with each other.

Take breaks

Take breaks every 30 to 60 minutes or at least as regularly as you can. Walk around the home or office, do a load of washing, water the office plants, get a coffee and so on. If possible, floor stretches or even chair stretches are a great idea. It reduces neck, shoulder and back pain that you might then need help with from a West Perth physio.

Find a standing desk or desktop converter for part of the day

Something a lot of people do is have a set up so that they can work at a regular sitting or at a standing desk. It is hard to hold a good posture sitting in an office chair all day. A standing desk gives you another option. If you do not have access to a desk made for standing use, there are converters that you can use.

Change how you sit regularly

Move around at your desk as you sit there. By leaning forwards, sitting back and so on. Just try not to hold one position for a very long time. Moving around at the desk is beneficial.

Add in some form of regular exercise each day

Any good physio Wembley will tell you that regular exercise is not just good for fitness and weight control. It is good for your back too. It strengthens your back and gets rid of tight and aching muscles. Exercising before or after work is a great idea.

Think about how you use your devices

Think about your head position and neck position as you do certain things. People tend to bend their heads more when using their phones and tablets. It is better to take calls rather than text. Consider sending an email rather than making a call when possible. If you are still having back and neck pain after making these kinds of adjustments talk to your physio West Perth.

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