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Do you love animated videos and want to know how to create a video animation online?

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Do you love animated videos and want to know how to create a video animation online? So you do not need to look further, because you are in the right spot. The animation is the process in which images are in moving motion by manipulating figures. In old times, images used to be painted or drawn to be exhibited or photograph on film. But now due to technological advancement, these can be made with computer-generated imagery (CGI).
If you are planning to create an animated video then it is important to use a powerful animation tool. It is better if it is cloud-based which means there is no need to download any app, you just need an active internet connection and a web browser. Therefore without wasting any time, let us discuss how to create an amazing animated video online only in 6 steps:

1. Find A Super Easy And Ridiculously Awesome Animated Software Animation Program
It is really important to take the first step with the easy-going software, because if you start with the hard ultimately your journey will be complicated. So choose the right one that has easy features so that you can have an easy ride throughout your journey.
Luckily, in this technological advancement era, we have lots of automated, super easy animation software. That means you do need to waste your time on outdated software so no need to begin from scratch or spending a few days learning software. Choose the one with the instant gratification of the animation making world. Before starting your animated video, use the software to check if it is feasible for you then go for it.

2. Make Sure To Have A Goal In One Sentence
Once you have selected your most desired animation software on earth, then think of your goal. It is really important to explain the goal of your animation. The goal in terms of that you creating an advertisement, a video resume, a business presentation, or a short movie. You need to write down the purpose of your advertisement in one sentence right now before jump into the next step.

3. Get Into Your Script Time
Now at this stage, you have your software and your objective, now move toward the magical words of your script. There is lots of tutorial available on YouTube for powerful scriptwriting but if you do not try the tutorial then there are 3 steps mentioned for you:
A. Pull them in – start your sentence with the words that pique surprise or curiosity so it would grab the viewer attention rapidly
B. Introduce yourself – introduce your product, yourself, or your company with authentic points. That can be able to convince another person to rely on your content. Or if you are a source of entertainment so you can able to inspire the person for future too.
C. End with a bang – your animated video must end with a punch, which means that you present any action, lesson, or appreciative thank you to give an amazing end to your video.

4. Check The Pre-Made Characters Collection For Choosing Your Characters
At the time of creating your animated video, you will have too many options to choose your character. It is a psychological phenomenon that the person may get confused if have so many options so it is better to choose from pre-made characters. Because if you go with the new exciting choice then you never know that people get overwhelmed and frustrated that can lead to a state of indecision.
If you go for the new one, then you may need to pressurize your brain to every Nano details that can cause your brain to overload. Because you will be staring at the computer screen like an owl from choosing 50 shades of grey or worried about the texture of the body part to editing pixel can lead to making you confused. So it is much better to use pre-designed characters and then customize them according to the look you want. Choose a program that offers all the functions to do this.

5. Set The Tone Of Your Video
Do you want to have silly and goofy characters with flying bubbles in the background? Or you want to have a serious business suit profile? You should try a different template according to the goal of your video. You cannot be sure until you try different templates so choose the one which suits best the characters when you set them in action. Your software will allow you to test out different icons, characters, and scenes with few clicks of the mouse.

6. Add Audio In Your Video Whether Voiceover/ Or Music
If you are thinking to record your voice over for the characters then you need to grab a glass of water and a mic, clear the throat and start speaking. You need to record an awesome voice for the character. If you chose the right software then you should have the free recording tool and a library of music at your fingertips. But if your platform does not allow you to have recording tools then you need audacity software. It is a great software to clean voiceovers, add different animation services sounds or music in the voice over and export in different files format.

7. You Are Done.
After the completion of the 6th step consider your video as ready to upload. Yes, I am serious you can have your animated video in just 6 steps. Now do not waste time to think anything, go for it and take advantage of this instant gratification era by using different exciting tools. There is no need to hire someone and spend a lot of money to get a video because with the usage of software you can create your amazing one instantly.

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