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How to use technology to sell more on Amazon – Lets Have a Look

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Amazon is an ocean of possibilities for any seller. For this reason it is very important to choose the most efficient route to achieve our goal, and also to have the appropriate technological tools for the journey.

“There is no favorable wind for the ship that does not know where it is going.” (Seneca)

In this sense, if we are clear about the objective, we have already advanced a lot. But be careful, not all routes are the same.

There are three fundamental elements that will influence the path to take:

  • Resources: I mean investment in equipment, product and marketing.
  • Time: According to our objective, the time available will be another fundamental variable to take into account. Launching and managing a couple of products is not the same as a whole catalog of references.
  • Technology: The technological tools at our fingertips will end up defining the path to take. Shorter, faster, wider. More profitable.

Know what technology works

Assuming that we are clear about the resources available and the time available to achieve the objectives, technology should be the least relevant variable.

However, it is often a real headache for the seller. The truth is that there are hundreds of tools available for all the things that can be done on Amazon; Keyword search, competitor analysis, pricing, reviews, advertising, etc. And new tools emerge every day. There are native, free, and paid tools. In the end, it turns out that choosing and learning how to use each tool is a job in itself.

In addition, if we try to use technological tools without being very clear about the true value they provide us, or simply, if we do not know very well how to use them, in reality they only represent an unnecessary cost and effort since we will end up not using them.

At Amazing we believe that technology is very important, but that it must be at the service of customers to automate repetitive processes and be able to handle volumes of work on a large scale. It should improve the productivity of our teams. In addition, the cost of the technology should not be greater than the performance that it generates. Or simply, we believe that it does not make sense for an Amazon seller account reinstatement to invest money and effort in a very specific technology tool if they are just going to use it.

In this sense, the important thing is not so much the technology but the functions that we hope to perform with it.

And what are the features that help us drive sales on Amazon? 

There are four blocks of work where we can rely on technological tools designed to sell on Amazon, and that at Amazing we are constantly selecting:

  • Continuous audit of products against the competition.
  • Creation and updating of product sheets.
  • Optimization of the key elements in the sales process.
  • Management and optimization of advertising campaigns.

In our next post we will talk about the functions we have automated for data data auditing.

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