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Have you ever wondered how much time one spends in the kitchen in a day or in a lifetime? Have you imagined how much time you could spend this precious time of your life in more “important” activities like sleeping or watching TV or let us say just dreaming but just not spending all the time in the kitchen unless of course, you do it for a living? Food is an essential part of our lives thus making the kitchens a major part of our lives. Spending time in the kitchen can be quite therapeutic but having to spend way too much time often can be tricky and cumbersome.

We can easily work around to lessen this time by following a certain trick routine when in the kitchen area. Good planning will help you get the most out of your kitchen.

Here are the useful hacks that could help you get out of the kitchen as soon as possible without compromising on the taste.


The space between the sink, the cooking area, and the fridge is known as the working area. This is called by some the working triangle of the kitchen. Keeping in mind that the working triangle is as small as possible without compromising the other aspects of a kitchen space like storage, movability, lighting, and total space. For this reason, a kitchen should be designed weighing in all the factors. This can be easily implemented by custom built kitchens Newcastle, after knowing your budget and the dimensions of your kitchen area. 


A small kitchen area should be planned and built so that it has all the necessary storage areas. A lot of storage space is not necessary but storage for basic objects and utensils is very necessary. This storage should be placed according to the working area, dishwasher, and cooking area of your kitchen. We can consider the example of the area where the dishwasher is placed. Always try to build in the storage space for cutlery, chinaware, and cooking utensils around this place, so that you take less time to load and unload the dishwasher. Similarly placing cooking utensils like spatulas and pots and pans near the cooking area saves much time.


An easy to clean kitchen space is always a timesaver. Areas that are easy to reach are easy to clean. Always opt for a marble countertop rather than a wood countertop, it is easy to clean without any chance of building up grime and dirt over time.


A good lighting system will help you finish your work in two ways. One of the overall lightings will make you find whatever you want, this is the lighting used for illuminating the whole area. The second kind of lighting is the lighting in your work area. The availability of such a kind of lighting helps in the quick preparation of food. 


Appliances like ovens, refrigerators, dishwashers, etc should be placed strategically to avoid wastage of time in the kitchen area. This should be done by keeping their ease of access and size in mind.


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