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Beautiful Landscapes In Australia

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Australia is one of the most well known varied landscapes on our earth which has some special appeal of its own. Australia is an oval-shaped country. For the north and south of the continent, these are cut into the Australian mainland along with the Gulf of Carpentaria in the north and covered with great Australian bright from the south. There are lots of stunning, fantastic scenes you will be able to see here in Australia. From the Australian Alps to sailing Whitsundays around coral reefs, dust-filled deserts along with biodiverse tropical rainforests as well. So, here on this page, we will discuss the landscapes of Australia which all have some features and characteristics. Australia is offering some lifetime sights which have some uniqueness and features on their own. So, let’s have a look at some of the best landscapes in Australia. (Landscape means a particular area of land which include the platforms, human elements, flora, fauna)

  1. GREAT OCEAN ROAD, VICTORIA- This is one of the most famous iconic drives and the entire coastal road stretches 151 miles from Torquay to Lansford which was constructed in the 20s. The main feature and characteristic are that you can see the wild dramatic coastlines along with some lush forests, hinterland waterfalls mixed with laid back cosmopolitan seaside villages offer fantastic dining, wine, and relaxation as well. Torquay is the safari capital of Australia. You can enjoy yourself a lot after doing the self-drive here on great ocean roads, Melbourne, etc. Most of the rural areas also covered up under this great ocean road in Victoria. These are the reasons behind this has got the first position under the best landscapes of Australia.
  2. THE TWELVE APOSTLES- This place surely deserves a mention in its own right. But right now there are only eight there were twelve numbers of dramatically shaped rocks which were formed by erosion, extreme weather conditions, from the southern ocean and then gore away soft limestone for forming the caves in the cliffs. The port Campbell national park just by the great ocean road in Australia is the main attraction for this place. 
  3. NEW SOUTH WALES AUSTRALIAN CAPITAL TERRITORY OR AUSTRALIAN ALPS AREA- This is the highest mountain range in Australia which has its features and characteristics. Along with this, the place is covered with embracing sixteen national parks which are ideal for activities, bike rides, hiking, or for many more things. If you want to visit this place here in Australia, don’t miss the fantastic view of Mount Kosciuszko which is the 2228metre high peak with the fantastic glacial lakes and breathtaking view of the valleys below. 
  4. DAINTREE RAINFOREST- This is the tropical rainforest which is located on the northeast coast of Queensland. The entire forest covers about 1200-1300 kilometers squared of land and this is the oldest surviving rainforest in the world. The area grows right down to the edge of the sea. Along with that the Great Barrier Reef, Daintree, lizard islands are the other attractions in the same place. The main feature is this place is the oldest surviving rainforest in the world with an extraordinary diversity of wildlife, fungi, and plants. 
  5. LAKE HILLER, MIDDLE ISLAND- This is well known as bubblegum-pink lake Hiller which is located on Middle Island, western coast of Australia. The entire lake is about 600 meters long that is surrounded by the rim of sand and dense woodland of paperback and other eucalyptus trees with the narrow strip of dunes. The most astonishing matter is that no one knows the causes of the lake’s bright pink color. So, you can discover western Australia on Perth, Margaret River. 
  6. NITMILUK GORGE- This is a deep gorge which is carved throughout the ancient sandstone of Nitmiluk Park in the northern territory of Australia around 200km southwest of Darwin. Darwin the dry seasons, the George waters are placid in most spots and are ideal for swimming as well. 
  7. JIM JIM FALLS- One of the fine plunging waterfalls which descend from an elevation of 259m above sea level into the plunge pool within the descending over the Arnhem land escarpment within the UNESCO world heritage listed Kakadu national park in the northern territory of Australia. 
  8. KANGAROO ISLAND- This Kangaroo Island is the largest and located in southern Australia. This place is located in the most beautiful locations as of its unusual rock formations which are known as Remarkable Rocks. Nevertheless, this place is famous for its eponymously named Kangaroo species that are only found there. 
  9. ULURU- Ayers Rock or Uluru is the large sandstone rock formation in the south part of the northern territory in central Australia. This rock is 335 km southwest of the nearest large town. Uluru is Australia’s most recognizable natural landmark which is standing 863 meters above sea level with its unique features and characteristics. 

So, these are the best landscapes in Australia which all have their uniqueness and features. Every year most of the visitors are coming to enjoy these places. Now the question is that are there any typical Australian landscapes? The terrain which is mostly plateau with deserts, fertile plains, rangelands in the southeast, Australian Alps, and Tasmania does not contain any permanent ice fields but these may have existed in the past. So, hurry up to enjoy the landscapes of Australia which are different from other countries. Lots of star categorized hotels such as Yarra Valley winery accommodation are where the guests and customers are staying and every year most of the visitors from the foreign countries are coming here only to enjoy these places.

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