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What to Do After Getting Permanent Residency in Australia?

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The Australian permanent residency visa lets you live in Australia indefinitely. You will be allowed to work and study without any restrictions. 

After this visa has been granted, immigration agents suggest that you should wait for two years before further deciding about migrating to Australia. Many people think that a permanent residency visa is the best option after they get married to an Australian citizen or a person with PR status. Other reasons for getting this visa include studying overseas and finding employment in Australia.

This type of visa grants access to public healthcare; however, it does not cover all medical expenses. If your family members live with you in Australia, each of them may be given a subclass 245 PR visa. Your spouse should have PR status to get the same PR status as you. You may also ask your children and parents living with you in Australia to get this subclass 245 visas. 

If you have been given a New Zealand passport, you can apply for a subclass 444 Special Category Visa. However, this means that the authorities will consider some special circumstances while processing your application. For example, if your New Zealand PR status has changed into a citizen status, then you will not be considered eligible for getting this type of Australian permanent residency visa. 

You must report changes in your personal information within 28 days from the day on which each change happens. You should check whether you need to provide more documents or not after making these changes. The authorities will process your application only after they are satisfied with the documents submitted by you. Hence, you need to ensure that all records are up to date. 

You will need to meet the health requirements when applying for this visa. You must be healthy enough to take care of your daily needs and live in Australia without assistance. If you have existing medical conditions, then you should find out whether they can be waived or not.  

If there are no adverse records in your immigration history, obtaining this PR status will become easier. This means that you should avoid getting involved in criminal activities until your application gets processed and approved by the authorities. Having unspent convictions may impact negatively on the decision made about your application. 

When applying for permanent residency in Australia, you should have enough money to support your family. It is best to remember that this visa is valid up to four years after being granted. Hence, if you do not have the required financial resources at the time of application, then you will not be able to meet your essential needs during this period. 

You are allowed to get the assistance of migration agents when applying for permanent residency in Australia. The good news is that it does not cost much to hire their services. So, make sure that you take full advantage of these professional services offered by them.

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