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What is Infrared Heating? Surprising Health Benefits of IR Heating

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Searching for a heating solution that is a lot less burdensome for you? Or is it more friendly than coal-fired stoves? You can give infrared heating a chance. While it may sound innovative, IR heating has actually become popular in many places. You will meet the technology in various forms like an infrared heating blanket in Australia, or in medical offices. It’s basically used for the health benefits that radiation offers. Infrared heating differs from convection heating in that it warms a solid body rather than the air around it. When using a convection system, the heat rises to the ceiling and the cold air settles in the bottom section of the room. Infrared heats a person or a piece of furniture, giving the impression of a more even distribution of warmth throughout a space. Thus, this method offers a lot of health benefits. After reading the health benefits of infrared heating, you would want to abandon the current heating solution you are using at home. 

Let’s begin! 

Health benefits of infrared heating

Cardiovascular health

First, let’s see what impact does infrared heating has on your cardiovascular health. One of the most prominent health benefits of infrared therapy is improved cardiovascular health. Infrared light increases nitric oxide, a critical signaling chemical needed for blood vessel function. This chemical aids in artery relaxation and blood clotting and clumping prevention in vessels. Aside from that, it fights free radicals to prevent oxidative stress and maintain healthy blood pressure. The improved blood circulation permits damaged tissues to obtain more oxygen and nutrients, which necessitates the use of nitric oxide. As a result, infrared light promotes tissue regeneration and speeds wound healing while also reducing inflammation and pain.

Boost immune system

Warm wavelengths are produced by an infrared heater, which our bodies absorb naturally. This extra heat causes our capillaries to automatically expand, increasing oxygenation and red blood cell regeneration. Both of these are critical for the detoxification of our primary organs. The use of infrared heating strengthens our immune system by increasing white blood cell counts. In a modest departure, claims have been made that infrared therapy can help cancer patients. In Europe, particularly Germany, Holland, and Austria, concentrated infrared heat is currently being employed in cancer therapies. “Hyperthermia,” sometimes known as thermal therapy, is a treatment that involves exposing human tissue to high temperatures in order to raise core body heat. Cancer cells do not enjoy the heat, thus they are either destroyed or weakened in this treatment.

Improved blood circulation

Another benefit is that IR eating can improve blood circulation in your body. The reason is that Infrared heating is way more penetrative as compared to other heaters. The conventional heat is usually felt till the surface of the skin which leads to dryness and cracking, but, Infrared heat penetrates almost 3 inches beneath the skin, so, your whole body feels the warmth. This leads to the release of nitric oxide in the hemoglobin of the blood. All this eventually increases the level of oxygen in your blood, reducing the heart rate.
Conclusion: infrared heating is an innovation that offers warmth as well as health benefits, one common way to enjoy IR heating is by using an Infrared sauna bag at home.

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