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The legalization of cannabis is currently being undertaken in a growing number of US states, and in Spain and Uruguay, as well. The Canadian government recently legalized cannabis, and New Zealand is preparing to hold a referendum on the issue. Get premium quality seeds if you contact Homegrown Cannabis Co.

A bill by the Greens in Australia suggests regulating a legal cannabis market for adults; allowing children to grow and purchase cannabis for medicinal and recreational purposes. An earlier encouragement to submit such a bill by the end of the year was published by the party. During that time, the Green Party has lobbied extensively for increased drug awareness.

The Green Recommendation

Australia’s Greens party has proposed a bill to parliament that calls for the creation of a national infrastructure for the legal consumption of cannabis.

Most cities around the country, particularly in cities where cannabis is legal, report higher rates of recreational drug use. After Canada’s move to finally decriminalize it, Australia was the first country to legalize recreational cannabis use.

As more people become aware of marijuana’s health effects, more and more citizens agree that it is a national health issue instead of a crime. The Green Party’s discussion centers on this position.

This bill recommended the establishment of an Australian Cannabis Agency (ACA) which would control and regulate the employment of cannabis throughout the country. ACA citizens may grow up to seven cannabis plants without any paperwork, regardless of whether their strain is THC or CBD dominant or any other strain deemed suitable by the local authority. Cannabis is also represented as being sold to 18+ years old in a tobacco-like package.

The legalization of medical cannabis

Currently, medical marijuana is permitted in Australia, but only for a small group of patients with chronic or terminal illnesses. In the country, there are now just over 1000 patients and users of medicinal cannabis.

The Australian government is expected to introduce over the counter purchases of medicinal cannabis. Cannabis will not be sold as medical marijuana, but its quality will be similar.

More than 1,000 patients have received consent to treat themselves with medicinal cannabis since it was legalized in the country two years ago. While this may seem like a small number to some, the country is slowly catching up to other nations in the world where it has been legal for decades.

Though the price of medicinal cannabis has decreased by 50 percent since last year, accepted Australian patients are still paying almost a quarter more than the price of illicit marijuana.

Medicinal marijuana is legal in the following territories:


Starting early 2017, the Access to Medicinal Cannabis Act 2016 will make it legal for children with critical epilepsy and treatment resistance to use.


The Public Health (Medicinal Cannabis) Act 2016 made medical cannabis legal by prescription from qualified medical marijuana doctors and specialists beginning in March 2017.


Poisons and Therapeutic Goods Amendment Regulation 2016: a legal amendment to the Poisons and Therapeutic Goods Act of 1986. 


As of 2017, those who meet specific criteria for diseases in category six


Patients can now get unregistered medicinal cannabis through the Controlled Access Scheme, which began in 2017. Tasmania did not require any legislative changes. 


 From November 2016, prescription medication is legal, under certain conditions, if prescribed by a doctor.


From November 2016, prescription medication is legal, under certain conditions, if prescribed by a doctor.


A therapeutic medicine containing cannabinoids is regulated by Therapeutic Goods Administration under the Australian Government Department of Health. Access is limited to patients with specific illnesses. 

Young adults are showing a growing commitment to civic engagement

Despite having a great deal of awareness and support among young adults, half of Australians aged 18 to 39 oppose cannabis regulation and taxes. The majority of Australians still oppose the law making possession of cannabis a crime.

The opponents of decriminalizing recreational use fear that it would encourage young people to abuse the drug even more. 

The stigma surrounding cannabis needs to be deconstructed since it is not a case of people just smoking marijuana whenever they want to. In most cases, patients who use medicinal marijuana take it as an oil or vaporizer, and specialists recommend that it shouldn’t be smoked because it can cause irritations to the bronchial and pulmonary systems as well as degrade its effectiveness.

Some factors contribute to the growth of this distinct part, including the legality of medical cannabis for a variety of illnesses that affect the elderly. The acceptance of the drug may also be developing in older people.

Global markets continue to grow

If Australia followed Canada’s lead and legalized cannabis, a whole slew of unexpected data points would be collected. According to research, keeping weed illegal in Australia would cost $5 billion each year. A legal exchange for cannabis would add $5 billion to the Australian economy annually if the recreational use of cannabis is legalized. Those are the findings of an in-depth study by global firm New Frontier Data, which analyzed current unauthorized usage rates and global regulation levels to determine how legal marijuana might develop in the future. Check out https://homegrowncannabisco.com/autoflower-seeds-usa for more.

Final Thoughts

Another end of the spectrum is blanket legalization. The state cannot adjust a person’s mental state for them; the individual has this right. In other words, to make everything legal does not necessarily mean that everyone can access it equally, just as some pharmaceuticals can be purchased on the street while others need a prescription. Doing nothing is just as morally incompatible with its opposite and has the same nonexistent probability of materializing.

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