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Takeaway and Food Delivery Services Here To Stay.

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The demand for takeaway and food delivery services skyrocketed during 2020. During a time when lockdowns and restrictions didn’t allow customers to dine in and everyone was stuck at home, takeaway services and food deliveries became the go-to. Businesses that already had a great takeaway system in place were all set and restaurants that had never before allowed takeaway had to re-think their offerings.  Now that lockdown restrictions are a distant memory, in most parts of Australia, the demand for food delivery services is here to stay. Just like in-store shoppers had to turn to online shopping, the temporary shutdown of restaurants meant that more and more people were using food delivery services to enjoy their favorite meals. 2020 was a year where many people became users of food delivery services. The convenience and availability of these services have turned these first-time users into loyal fans who are still using the services even after the industry has re-opened their doors to dine-in. 

Not just home delivery.

Now that Australia has mostly returned to a normal pre-COVID-19 world, going back to the workplace means that we aren’t eating all our meals at home anymore. Breakfast and lunch are usually eaten sitting at our work desks. If we work in a busy location — like Bondi or Surfer’s Paradise — we have lots of food options to choose from. It’s as simple as walking to the local restaurant for a takeaway burger and bringing it back to eat at the office. Ordering meals for pick-up or delivery is easier than it’s ever been. Technology allows customers to view different cuisines and menus on their phones, order meals, and pay for them all without waiting in line and wasting precious lunch break minutes. Getting our food delivered to the office as well as our homes is a reflection of just how convenient food delivery really is.

Business benefits.

Takeaway and food delivery is also making businesses’ lives easier. No need to have huge stacks of printed menus and waste paper every time a menu item changes, online menus make these changes much easier. Lines in stores are shorter because of everything being pre-ordered online so having multiple staff taking orders and processing payments would be overkill. Restaurant owners can also choose to keep delivery in-house, avoiding third-party commission fees by using existing staff to complete orders. This way restaurant owners can focus on what’s important — offering and delivering the best products!

Snacks, desserts, cocktails, and more!

The world of food delivery has opened up even more options to customers. Before COVID-19 forced us to stay home, people usually only ordered takeaway when they wanted to enjoy the main meal. As businesses moved to delivery and takeaway only, they also started adding drinks and light bites to their online menus. By allowing their customers to place smaller orders, people who don’t want an entire meal can just order a single milkshake or dessert.   

Convenience is king.

Restaurants and food delivery companies have put a lot of time and effort into encouraging takeaway orders and their efforts have paid off. Even after lockdowns and restrictions have completely eased, people are using food delivery services more often and more regularly than ever before. The convenience they offer, and the ease of use guarantees people will continue to use these services into 2021 and beyond. 

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