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Gutter guards are a type of hardware that is used to cover the gutters in your house. The basic function of gutter guards is to keep unwanted materials that clog the channels out of the gutters. There are a number of types of gutter guards and one can choose from a range of sizes, shapes, and styles. Gutters help prevent damage caused by water to the structure by channelizing the drainage water and are therefore important in any construction. In order to protect gutters, we recommend using gutter guards as there are many benefits to them. Some of them are discussed here.

1. Savings: There would be long-term savings monetarily as well as time-wise if you use gutter guards in your house in Newcastle. Unwanted waste material such as twigs, leaves, bird feces, and silt gets accumulated in the gutters if left uncovered. This leads to the drains getting blocked and water is not able to drain out of the gutters effectively. In this way, uncovered gutters will need to be cleaned frequently. The job could be quite hectic for you and you might eventually call for professional help also. This means spending a lot of time and resources on a problem that could be well managed by simply using gutter guards. Using gutter guards to cover the gutters will reduce the need of cleaning the gutters frequently. The gutter guards will reduce the amount of debris entering the channels significantly thereby making the job much easier and less needed. You will need to clean the gutter guards though but much fewer times. 

2. Increased Durability: If a lot of debris gets accumulated in the gutters, the water might start overflowing and cause damage to the foundation and lowly lying windows in absence of plinth protection. The condition could get more serious during winter when the water freezes in the gutter and increases the weight in the gutter in addition to the debris. The gutter might crumble under this heavyweight. So in effect without using gutter guards, you might compromise the durability of the structure and the gutters themselves. Installing gutter guards might have some initial investment into it but the long-term advantage is that the durability and life of various elements of the structure are increased. 

3. Prevent the scourge of Pests: An open gutter will mean full access for mice, birds, bats, and other such creatures. They might make the gutter their home and cause blockages leading to early damage of the gutter. Stagnant water in the gutter is never good news as breeding of mosquitoes and other such insects could take place leading to an increased risk of diseases for the people in the surroundings which will be you and your family. Surely you wouldn’t want that. Sometimes these rodents, birds, or insects can get access to the attic of your house which obviously would create a nuisance for you.  Installing gutter guards could protect your house from enduring all these uncomfortable events. 

4. Avoiding accidents: Cleaning gutters yourselves would mean climbing up on the roof with the help of ladders with some cleaning instruments mounted on you. The surface of the roof around the gutters is usually slippery. The process of cleaning the gutters is indeed risky and it is best to avoid it. Using gutter guards helps you minimize this risk by minimizing the cleanings needed and the nature of those cleanings also becomes less hectic as one just has to remove the debris from the top of the guards. 

5. Fire Safety: In case of a fire near the surroundings of your house, it is never a safe thing to have dry leaves, twigs and other such inflammable substances on the exteriors of the house as air could carry along embers with it and light up this easily inflammable rubbish lying in the gutters. Therefore the gutter guards increase fire safety by reducing the chance of contact between these embers and sparks with the debris inside the gutters.

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