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Medical Negligence Claims Are Complicated To Prove

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Medical negligence is common in Australia. Clinical errors are rising in numbers where some are so serious that one needs to hire professional medical negligence lawyers. Studies show that about 18,000 people die in Australia every year because of medical negligence. Another 50,000 go back home with a permanent injury resulting from medical negligence, and about 80,000 people need to be hospitalized every year because of a clinical error. 

For filing a medical negligence claim, certain do’s and don’ts have been defined strictly by Australian law. Here are few facts that one must know:

  • Not all cases can be categorized as a case of medical negligence. For example, if a patient has not recovered or has got a bad outcome due to treatment, it cannot be considered medical negligence. Four distinct stages need to be proved by a compensation lawyer in Gosford with a medical negligence case specialization. 
  • Proving medical negligence is not simple. Patients and their lawyers need to prove that the doctor has failed to care for the patient and prove that the causation of the injuries is directly caused because of the doctor’s negligence. To prove all of this in a clear-cut streamlined manner is difficult because many patients have underlying complications. Insurance companies and doctors get together to prove the contrary – that the patient already had pre-existing conditions that have lead to the damages rather than identifying the doctor’s fault or negligence.
  • Also, the law requires an independent doctor to offer a medico-legal opinion in favor of the damages. Without this, the medical negligence case cannot even be filed in court. This particular clause makes it even for difficult for the medical negligence lawyer because he needs to find a doctor ready to speak on your behalf.

There are many other complicated requirements that only a seasoned specialist can address meticulously. A lawyer takes up such a complicated case only when he is convinced that he can win the case and get the client a justified compensation for his injuries. Remember that credible lawyers work as no-win, no fee compensation lawyers. With the law making the entire process of proving a medical negligence case very tough, it is the lawyers who are your best chance of getting a fair deal. The compensation that is awarded is a means to compensate the victim for his pain and suffering and also his lost income. Courts also consider the future income that the victim loses due to the injuries and treatment costs when passing a judgment.

Criminal injuries, just like medical negligence claims, are not simple to prove. The lawyer has to be a specialist in the realm of criminal injuries and know the law, in and out, to get you justified compensation. Therefore, always make sure that you approach criminal lawyers in Gosford who are experts and known for their skills and expertise. Before hiring a lawyer, you must conduct due diligence to determine their credibility, reputation, and success record. There is a lot at stake, so be careful and conduct thorough research before hiring a lawyer.



Originally posted 2021-03-18 18:50:41.

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