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7 Ways to Modify your Kitchen

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They say that the way to a person’s heart is through their stomach. It reminds us all the more why food is so important in our life, and why the kitchen is the most important room in the house. It’s only fair that the kitchen is the most well kept of all the parts of the house. If you’re planning to give your kitchen an amazing makeover, here are a few tips to transform it without causing much harm to your Bank balance.

Bring in the sticker tiles-

Turning out to be a great DIY project you can have splashback tile stickers of PVC which are oil-proof 3D wall decal stickers that are easily available online in a variety of designs. The best thing about sticker tiles is that it is not labour intensive so you don’t have to wait for somebody else to do the deed for you. They are self-adhesive wall tiles that can be peeled off and stick to whatever surface you wish to put it on. The best option in these is the Aluminium foil stickers that are oil, heat as well as water-proof, offering you several designs patterns, and colours.

Using glass laminates –

Glass panels are an excellent and innovative choice for splashbacks. Easy to clean you can choose to have any kind of design rather than having to choose from the existing patterns. You can have some painting or even a fabric press against the glass panel. The best thing about the last finals is that their low maintenance is inexpensive and very convenient to clean. 

Adding skirts and curtains –

The biggest turn-off about any kitchen is the exposed rusted and crooked pipes under the sink. In case you do not have a solid cover-up you can choose to stitch a skirt around the sink and provide a hiding space for your kitchen cleaning accessories. It is an ideal way two even hideaway your dustbin. 

In case you do not have a door to the kitchen you can separate it by putting up plastic doors or PVC curtains, separating a private space to let you do your magic.

Adding a mini kitchen garden – 

If you’ve been following the latest trends then you must know that the kitchen gardens are the present “in”. Kitchen gardens have a unique way of making a space look inviting and wholesome along with adding the green and aesthetic tinge to the kitchen. 

If you happen to have a small kitchen space, you can choose to have vertical gardens that can transform your kitchen. The herbs are pretty easy and quick to grow. 

Changing the floors – 

The flooring has the potential of changing and transforming the look of your kitchen completely. You can choose to have PVC or vinyl flooring. Easy to install as compared to other flooring options these tend to be pretty durable. They come in the form of peel-off sheets called square foot tiles that can be installed in a jiffy. 

Using the naked pipes to your advantage –

They meant it when they said you can find beauty in everything! Exposed gas pipes and water pipes that are above the eye level can be an advantage to the decor of the kitchen. Be it chic, classy or modern. You can choose to give them any look you want to. Giving them a copper finish can turn them into a very quirky element and hanging little aesthetic planters will add to the colour contrast. Applying enamel paint or wrapping jute thread around, you can choose to give it the kind of creative tinge that you wish to. 

Adding a pegboard – 

Peg Boards are a great way to show off your favourite kitchenware as well as sort out your kitchen shelves. Pegboard offers many advantages such as providing a good drying area, as well as hiding a few little ugly stains on the wall. 

Conclusion –

Giving your house a makeover and transformation on your own can be a time-consuming yet worth it task. Creativity has no bound and you can choose to do whatever you wish to. 


Originally posted 2021-03-08 17:43:38.

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