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Top tips for importing floor tiles from china

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There are many things to consider when importing floor tiles from China. You should match the sizes, shapes, and textures to your specific requirements. There are also various types of tiles, and you should learn about the differences between each type of tile before making your final decision. Using the following tips will make the buying process easier. Read on for more information. After choosing the right type of tiles, you can start the ordering process.


The first thing to do when importing floor tiles from China is to understand the quality standards of the local market. Most Chinese suppliers will send samples to check the quality and specifications. Many tiles in China are made in different provinces and are available in various sizes. Importers usually need fewer tiles than they need in their own countries, and they should be able to identify the appropriate sizes before committing to a purchase.

The sizes of tiles sold in the market are either square or rectangular, and some tiles are irregular in shape.


When selecting floor tiles, you should consider the type of flooring you need. Different tile shapes have different purposes and characteristics. For example, ceramic tiles are best for moderate traffic areas that experience heavy abrasions and moisture. However, they tend to be difficult to match and are challenging to clean. They are also susceptible to dirt and scratches, requiring special care. You may not want to choose glass tiles for high-traffic areas, such as bathrooms.


When importing floor tiles from China, one of the most common questions consumers have is the quality of the products. Importers often face quality disputes and are often sceptical of Chinese suppliers. To avoid this issue, importers should first request samples to check for quality before ordering. Once satisfied with the quality of the samples, they will place an order, pay for the shipment, and await delivery. Before finalizing the purchase, the buyer should ensure that the tiles meet all specifications. 


Shipping Cost

The shipping cost is the most important thing to consider when importing tiles from China. Typically, the prices quoted by manufacturers include shipping costs to the port of loading, which is approximately three to four hours away. In addition to the shipping cost, manufacturers often include transportation charges in the FOB (Freight on Board) price they quote. Make sure to ask about the cost of documents before purchasing Chinese tiles, and be sure to ask for samples before you purchase them.


Most suppliers and manufacturers in China will require a 30% down payment before production, and the balance is due upon order fulfilment. While this payment plan may seem easy, it is crucial to remember that China is known for duping unsuspecting buyers. To avoid being a scam victim, consider placing a small order first. If you’re a first-time importer, seek the advice of a sourcing agent. Check their website to learn more about it.

Choose the right design. 

There are several types of tiles, each with a different look and style. Some tiles have designs and colours that don’t look good on all floor surfaces. Choose glazed tiles and choose a suitable design for the area where you plan to install them. While some tiles are glazed, they can absorb liquid and, therefore, be scratched or damaged. When importing floor tiles from China, choosing the right design is essential.

Consider hiring a sourcing agent.

A sourcing agent will help you place orders, oversee quality control, and arrange shipment. Moreover, they’ll pay the supplier on your behalf once the order is fulfilled. While importing floor tiles from China, remember to secure shipping insurance and arrange a reliable shipper. If you’re a first-time importer, try to purchase a small order and use a sourcing agent.

Choose your style

If you’re looking for a pretty design, go for marble tiles. While they are highly durable and stain-resistant, they do require more attention. Therefore, they are best purchased in batches from China. For an awe-inspiring design, opt for glass tiles. These tiles come in many different designs and are stain-resistant and durable. The small glass tiles come in a variety of colours and mosaic patterns.

Determine the level of use 

If your tiles are installed in a heavy foot traffic area, go for grade five. These tiles are tough and durable and are typically used in busy areas. Porcelain tiles are rated on their rigidity, similar to ceramic tiles. The best way to select a grade five tile is to use it in high-traffic areas. Avoid importing group 0 tiles as they are only suitable for walls.

Be sure to understand the terms and conditions for exporting tiles.

Before committing to a purchase, be sure to understand the terms and conditions for exporting tiles. A reliable exporter will always offer a variety of payment options, including 30% advance against a proforma invoice, and the remainder before loading. They’ll also handle all the necessary SASO formalities, and they’ll guide you through the processes and documentation you need to know about importation. Remember to check for specifications, and don’t be afraid to ask questions.


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