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Significance of a Gutter System and Difference between Soft Wash & Pressure Clean

It is vital that homeowners clean their roof gutters regularly especially prior to storm season or when expecting bad weather like rain or high winds. The gutters on your roof avoid floods overflowing on roofs during bad weather. Ignoring your roof will only lead to minor leaks in the roof that will transform into a major issue over time. It also results in an unhealthy environment with the growth of fungus, algae and mould. Sydney roofing explain that it is good practice for homeowners to schedule regular inspection of their roofs, clean it regularly to prevent damage and maintain the structural integrity of the house. If you are looking for gutter cleaning in Sydney, then this article is for you:

Importance of a gutter system

Most houses have a guttering system that consists of a roof valley to ensure an organised flow of the drain water. Such systems are designed to redirect the excess water away from the foundation of the building. Some of the common problems due to bad weather conditions include waterlogging and weakening of the foundation. This can easily be avoided by ensuring you have a fully functioning gutter system that is free from leaves or debris. A typical gutter system will be in the form of a long tray that runs along the side of your roof to collect the rainwater. It is also likely to include a roof valley and can be made from either plastic or steel.

It will also include an end cap and downpipe to ensure the water flows to the designated spot which will usually be the main draining system. Keep your gutters clean to avoid a big repair and cleanup bill to fix damage caused due to overflowing gutters. Trust a professional’s gutter cleaning service to keep your gutters free from dirt & debris. They have the professional equipment necessary for this purpose, besides which, they also have highly trained technicians with the necessary skills to help protect your house against damage.

Difference between soft wash and pressure cleaning

Having your gutters cleaned by professionals is a good way to ensure they are free from dirt and grime. It will also help increase the aesthetic value of your house and increase its curb value. It is not a good idea to attempt to do this since the professionals will use pressure cleaning instead of other techniques homeowners might be able to attempt without the right equipment.

Soft wash is a type of pressure cleaning which in fact, makes use of the same equipment used for pressure cleaning. It is possible to adjust the settings on this machine to perform a soft wash. This can be done by lowering the (less than 500) PSI (Pounds per Square Inch) on this equipment to ensure less water is used and that too at a lower pressure. This makes a pipe with a wider spray. The main applications for soft washing is that for commercial and residential purposes however it is for a soft surface. It is also used for metal, tile and terracotta systems, canvas, shades, timber weatherboard, facades. It is useful for the treatment of mould and algae as well.

Almost all professional gutter cleaning services offer pressure washing services for residential places. In fact, there are also commercial gutter cleaning services providing the same. This type of washing is usually done with cold water and as the name suggests high pressure. In fact, the pressure is extremely high and can be dangerous if not used in the right manner. It typically involves using extremely high-pressure water that has the potential to clean your roof and gutters removing all the dirt, grime and preventing the growth of mould.

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