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What all you get with a Level 2 Electrician in Sydney

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An ASP Level 2 electrician, Sydney and beyond is one that is trained and licensed to offer maintenance, repairs and installation on overground and underground service lines, on or near electrical networks, metering, connections and so on. ASP is an Accredited Service Provider. As well as being able to deal with all your commercial or residential electrical needs they have additional training and authorisation to do more with service lines and the power network on your street.

Services offered with a level 2 electrician

Not all electricians can offer level 2 services. Some companies make sure they have at least one or two authorised level 2 electricians in their employment to use when a job requires them. Not all electrician companies offer them so if you know that is the kind of electrician you need, one of the things you need to check when looking for a local company is whether they have the type of electrician you need. Whether you need power poles put in, overhead wiring system repairs, a meter disconnected, you need a qualified and skilled level 2 electrician Sutherland Shire.

Level 2 ASP electricians have classes of services that were formerly referred to as categories 1 to 4 but are now class 2A, 2B, 2C and 2D. Services include;

Class 2A – Disconnect and reconnect service lines
Class 2B – Repairs and work on underground service lines
Class 2C – Repairs and work on overhead service lines
Class 2D – Installing network operator equipment and metering
● Providing temporary power supply for example to a construction site
● Providing an upgrade in power supply
● Upgrading and moving switchboards
● Connecting meters, upgrading them, disconnecting them and reconnecting them
● Undertaking testing and live work as needed
● Assisting with private pole installation and connection
● Upgrading and relocating cables

How do electricians qualify for accreditation?

In order for an electrician to become a level 2 electrician Sydney, they need to have first passed their training to become an electrician over a 4 year mix of onsite learning and schooling, to complete their electrical contractor’s license, then pay to attend a week-long course. There are actually 3 levels they might choose from, 1 to 3.

1. Level 1 – A level 1 electrician can work on underground and overhead construction work on the power supply network along streets and roads.
2. Level 2 – A level 2 electrician can do the above but also work on service lines between the distribution network system and the premises, commercial and residential. They can also handle metering services.
3. Level 3 – A level 3 electrician works on designing distribution networks.

When you need certain electrical jobs done, it is possible you need a level 2 electrician Sutherland Shire. Talk to the electrician about the job you have and what type of electrician that requires. Using a licensed and accredited electrician is the best way to ensure work is to code, is done safely and that they are up to date with all the regulations

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