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Choose a professional electrician rather than risk DIY

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For great reason more people today are returning to the ideas of reusing things, repairing things, and learning how to do some basic DIY around the home. More and more TV shows are telling people how easy it is to do somethings yourself with just some basic tools. While in some cases that is true, you can learn how to make your own side table, and other such projects, when it comes to electrical projects things are a lot different. According to a leading Batemans Bay Electrician, DIY electrical jobs are not a good idea, not only is there a high chance of electrocution and injury but it also increases the chances of property damage. Without the training and license and expertise of a professional electrician, Bondi, there is a serious safety concern. It is a danger to you, your property and those who live or work in it.

Electrical accidents around the home

When care is not taken and a proper electrician not hired it can lead to injuries and even death. Most commonly these accidents are burns and electric shocks but things like fires happening are also possible. 73% of electrocutions in Australia happen to people in their own homes. Almost two-thirds of electrical injuries are caused by sockets, equipment and appliances and old wiring. In just a year an average of just over 1000 people end up in hospital from electrical injuries and there were over 50 deaths. Sometimes the faults lie hidden behind walls and with no regular maintenance and repairs from a professional electrician Inner West or near you, these go unnoticed and are then a risk.

Repairs should be left to professionals

It takes some time for an electrician to train and learn to maintain, repair and install systems. There are codes and regulations they need to learn and follow so your electrical system is legal. Electricity is dangerous. Even electricians run into accidents and safety issues and they are the ones qualified to handle it. An electrician Bondi homeowners rely on with a good reputation could come out on a regular basis to inspect your wiring and keep you, your family and your home safe. They should keep themselves up to date with industry developments and knowledge and work to the important safety standards that are set.

It might seem like it is cheaper to handle the basic projects yourself, sometimes those basic project still could be a safety concern. Also consider that if you mess this up, you might end up paying for a much larger repair which is going to cost you a lot more than paying for an electrician for that smaller job in the first place.


Learning how to do some simple DIY around the home is a great idea. But take care when it comes to electrical repairs. In the end, it might be a lot safer and less costly to use a reputable electrician Inner West located. Should something go wrong with the work they do for you can call them back in to fix it and using a licensed electrician means you can have better peace of mind.

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