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Busted: Top Carpet Cleaning Myths To Avoid

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Carpets have always been a major investment for most homeowners out there. They can make your room feel and look cozy & warm. And just like with any other investment out there, it’s essential to take care of the same, so that you can obtain the best ROI (Return On Investment). 

However, it shouldn’t come as a surprise when homeowners are generally put off when it comes to cleaning their carpets because of multiple myths that constantly tend to circulate. The real truth is that – regular cleaning of your carpets will help in improving the overall appearance, letting them last longer. That’s why we are listing some commonly known carpet myths that should be avoided at all costs. 

Don’t Believe These Carpet Cleaning Myths

1. Carpets Take Days To Dry After Cleaning Them


We hate to break the bad news to you, but many companies out there generally use outdated equipment along with cleaning techniques that are not up to the mark – leading to a soaking wet carpet after cleaning. 

When you use the services of a professional carpet rug cleaner, you can always be sure that they’ll use the best possible care to not only use the best cleaning equipment but also the procedure. These experienced & skilled technicians will use a powerful suction tool to remove most of the excess moisture after cleaning so that there are no issues with drying. As a result, you can expect your carpet to be dried within a couple of hours. 

2. Carpets Get Dirtier At A Faster Rate After They Have Been Cleaned


This is a myth that is heard too often because using quality cleaning ingredients along with the correct procedure shouldn’t lead to results such as these. A carpet will only get dirty faster when the proper cleaning agents haven’t been used, especially for the stains that have ingrained into the fibres of the carpet. 

Therefore, it’s highly dependent on the carpet cleaning company regarding the cleaning ingredients that they’ll be using along with the process. That’s why it’s always recommended to opt for a reputed carpet cleaning company for your needs. 

3. Woollen Carpets Can Only Be Dry Cleaned


It should be realised that carpets that are made out of wool require greater care when cleaning. By using the correct temperature along with the cleaning chemicals, hot water extraction method works the best for a material such as this. So, woollen carpets can be cleaned by both hot extraction & dry cleaning methods. 

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We sincerely hope you loved our insightful guide on how to tackle carpet cleaning myths. And in case you need a helping hand in cleaning your carpets, be sure to consult us.

Originally posted 2021-02-05 08:22:04.

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