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How to Buy Valor Gas Fires with Special Discounted Price?

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Valor is a trusted name in the heating solutions industry with an extensive portfolio of high-end valor gas fires, fireplaces, and stoves. The company is continuously striving to offer you products with technical and design improvements for a luxurious lifestyle. They have launched their new series of gas fires with advanced tech features and improved efficiency. Valor offers a truly diverse range of heating solutions to ensure that there are a design to suit most homes.

Their range of contemporary and traditional gas fires creates a focal point while giving a powerful heat output. Valor Gas Fires products are supplied as one box solution packaged with unique features. You can choose a freestanding gas fire to bring a vintage feel to your living space. To light up your interior with the right balance of glow and warmth.


FirePlace – Valor Gas Fires

The fireplace has been the focal point of home decor and functionality for centuries. They add luxurious value to the interior with inviting warmth. With a variety of choices available in the market, choosing the right type of gas fire with the right features can be a bit of a daunting task. The prime feature we expect from a gas fire is providing a cozy and appealing ambiance with realistic flame effects while adding a style statement to the decor. Here are the benefits that make a Valor gas fire the right choice for your living space.


Gas fires are far economical when compared to the other solid fuels. Their low running cost cuts down your energy bills, saving you big in the long run. Gas fires can be installed as a replacement to wood-burning fires with no alteration needed to the existing chimney. They are also very easy to install, and you can even do it yourself if gas piping and connections are already in place.

Realistic Flame effect

Nothing can beat the tranquility of the crackling sound and flickering light of a burning blaze in a frosty winter’s evening. Valor range of gas fires with an impressive heat output of 10.8kW and heating efficiency of up to 89% use the latest technology to create the most authentic flame effect with a selection of fuel beds and LED light glow. The soothing warmth combined with crackling sound gives you nothing less than the ambiance of traditional fireplaces.

High safety standards for peace of mind

For families with small kids, safety is the top-most consideration while opting for a fireplace. The range of valor gas fires is constructed to offer the highest standards of safety standards. Most of the valor gas fires are sealed from the room, eliminating the danger of accidental burning. They do not release harmful gases and fly-away sparks to the room and feature a safety sensor that turns off the gas supply when the flame is not present.

Cleaner heating solution

The gas fires eliminate the tiresome chore of chopping and collecting wood fuel and effort to start the fireplace. With easy-to-use Valor gas fires, all you need to do is turn on the fire with a flick of a switch to enjoy the warmth and glow for the appealing ambiance of a burning blaze.

Stylish designs

A fireplace has always been the focal point of the home decor. The choice of fireplace style and design can completely transform the feel of your home decor. By choosing the right style you can make an effortless style statement while making your place cozy and welcoming.

Gas fires are available in a large assortment of styles to suit a range of interior themes from traditional to contemporary. You can select a perfect match for your living place from a choice of oak, rustic log fuel bed, ceramic back liners, and two trim designs with a selection of Fireside or a remote control offering you the ultimate convenience and ease of use.

Easy and flexible installation

Valor range of gas fires comes with a hood connector kit to offer maximum flexibility and ease of installation. This kit allows the fire to connect to the flue system with much ease and convenience. The fire assembly is aimed to offer easy servicing and maintenance without requiring professional help.







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