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Hot Water Extraction Vs Steam Cleaning – Know The Differences Between These Carpet Cleaning Procedures

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Many homeowners mistakenly believe that the process of steam cleaning is the same as the hot water extraction technique for cleaning carpets. However, it should be perceived that both of these procedures are different and it’s essential to clarify your misconception, in case you tend to believe the same.  

That’s why we are here to provide you with more insight into these two popular carpet cleaning procedures so that you can get rid of your misconception.

The Method Of Hot Water Extraction

This is a very popular carpet cleaning method and a majority of carpet manufacturers out there suggest this method as well. The process generally involves heating the water inside a cleaning machine, which has been previously mounted behind a small truck. 

Experienced carpet cleaners out there will first allow the water to heat up and will then inject the same into the carpet, with added force. The cleaning solution will also be added into the mix. The water will get deep inside the carpet fibres and thereby remove all the added dirt, grime & dust. 

Once done, the powerful machinery will then remove the dirty water from the carpet, ultimately drying it. 

Steam Cleaning Vs Hot Water Extraction

Steam is created when water is boiled and then evaporated. It should be realised that sometimes steam cleaning can set stains inside the carpet fibres. Even if you use steam cleaning along with a detergent, the resultant will not be as thorough as the hot water extraction method. 

DIY Vs Professional Steam Cleaning Solutions

In case you’re planning to rent a steam cleaning machine for steam cleaning a rug and therefore planning to perform a DIY cleaning process for your carpet, then you should know about the following differences:

1. When It Comes To Removing Dirt

Professional cleaners use an effective vacuum cleaning technique that will ensure a high rate of dirt removal from the dirty carpets. This technique is carried out before the carpets are wetted so that the best results can be obtained when it comes to carpet cleaning procedures. 

The equipment used by professional carpet cleaners will be much more powerful than a usual home vacuum cleaner because the vacuum cleaner can remove dirt even from the base fibres of the carpet. 

2. When It Comes To Drying

Home rental carpet cleaning machines don’t have a powerful suction process that professional carpet cleaning machines possess. These machines cannot extract much dirt & water from the carpets, thereby making the carpet drying procedure longer. 

Therefore, whether you’re planning to opt for hot water extraction or steam cleaning method for your carpet cleaning requirements, it’s always a wise decision to opt for experienced person who has been in the field for quite some time. 

Originally posted 2021-02-05 08:29:13.

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