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A hotel is a home away from home for the travelers that have checked in to stay there. All the aspects of a hospitality setup should add to the comfort level of the guests in terms of the ambiance. Choosing the right kind of upholstery and furnishings with respect to aesthetics, comfort, and ease of cleaning is the first step in that direction. The color of upholstery and carpet should be in accordance with the area of the hotel. 

For example, the restaurant and bar should have furnishing material that is stain-resistant and easy to clean. Similarly, the lounge should have more comfortable spaces to sit and pleasant colors to look at. Further places of work for the guests should have colors that are not too bright, which can cause distraction. The bedrooms should be designed on similar lines.

A hotel has a lot of people coming and going at all points in time. This increases the chances of it getting dirty more often. A dirty place is not just unattractive to look at but also unhygienic.

Cleaning regularly ensures the durability and longevity of the hotel upholstery.

Without proper knowledge of the type of fabric and cleaning chemical upholstery fabric can get damaged. In order to get to grips with the dirty upholstery and carpets of a hotel, a certain routine should be followed.


Stains should be removed within no time from upholstery and carpets. This decreases the contact time between the fiber and the stain and not letting it be absorbed deeply. Upholstery cleaning products like spot cleaning chemicals are ideal for the immediate treatment of stains on upholstery and even carpets. Spillage in the dining area of a hotel is the norm. Such chemicals should be kept in the area.


Direct sunlight fades the color of anything that comes in contact with it. This is true for upholstery and carpets. Discolored carpets and upholstery can be detrimental to the reputation of a hotel. 

Not only does the fading of the color of upholstery and carpets make them look old, but it also makes them look dirty. Outdoor furniture should especially be taken care of. The fabric of its upholstery should be strong enough to resist the breakdown of its fiber.


Regular cleaning is the most important part of keeping upholstery and carpets clean. The idea is to not let any dust or dirt settle in the upholstery and carpets. Regular vacuuming avoids embedding of dust and dirt particles into carpet fibers. The upholstery should be brushed towards the same side always to give it a neat clean look. Cleaning of leather furniture should be done with a damp cloth regularly. 


Professional cleaning is an important aspect of upholstery and carpet cleaning. Carpet steam cleaners clean carpets and upholstery products intensely. It is specially designed equipment for carpet and upholstery cleaning. Carpet and upholstery dry cleaning is yet another option to clean carpets and upholstery fiber thoroughly. Carpet and upholstery cleaning chemicals like protector chemicals are very useful in resisting stains and soil particles. Professional cleaners use upholstery and carpet protector chemicals for carpets and fibers. These protector chemicals make carpets stain-resistant for longer periods of time. 

A hospitality environment should emit welcome vibes. The ultimate goal is to provide a pleasant experience. A clean environment is key to happy travelers. Cleaning upholstery makes it last longer reducing costs in the long run for the management. Chemicals and equipment when used in the right manner keep not only clean upholstery fiber but also make it last longer. The market is full of such products.



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