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What are the current affairs topics asked in the IAS syllabus?

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IAS exams are regulated by the Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) every year. Current affairs play a significant role in the IAS exams as they are included in both stages. In addition, there are a few topics that are asked in almost every IAS exam; therefore, it is essential for you to prepare them to clear your exam.

Candidates must be aware of the Daily current affairs from India and the world so that they can answer in the exam. Further, it will also be useful in the Mains exam while writing the answers.

This data clearly indicated how high the competition is. But, you can streamline your preparation by opting for BYJUs Exam Prep, which is exclusively designed for UPSC and IAS-focused learning. In addition, the study material includes the latest news, current affairs, and much more.

In detail, let us know about the current affairs topics asked in the IAS syllabus.

What are the current affairs topics asked in the IAS syllabus?

Current Affairs Syllabus for IAS Prelims Exam

The IAS syllabus is composes of Prelims and Mains exam. Here is the syllabus for the current affairs syllabus for the IAS Prelims Exam – 

1)    National

The topics to be covered under National are:

  •       National Issues – This category comprises the recent decisions taken by the government of India, such as government directives, national policies, the government’s new social welfare schemes, cabinet decisions, etc. 
  •       Indian Economic – Multiple time questions have come from this topic in the IAS exam. In this section, you need to read about Geo-economics and its impact on Geo-politics. You should also know about the economic events affecting the Indian economy.
  •       Indian Polity – In this topic, you should cover newly passed laws, the Indian constitution, new acts passed by Parliament, pending crucial bills, constitution functionaries & responsibilities, and recommendation reports.
  •       Judiciary – You also need to study the latest decisions made by the Supreme Court related to the Indian Constitution.
  •       Environment – This is a new section that has been included recently because of the increased awareness of the environment and the various steps taken by the government to preserve it. Therefore, it is essential to study environmental agreement and patterns as it shows the transforming dynamics of India’s role in the arena.
  •       Science and Technology – This section focuses on the scientific achievement of India, particularly in the sectors of space and defence. Plus information regarding new species, new vaccines or diseases, etc.
  •       States- In this section, you can expect 1 or 2 questions; therefore, study thoroughly about India’s important cultural sites and monuments. It also comprises news related to state acts, schemes, policies, and initiatives taken by the state government.
  •       Social Schemes – The candidate needs to have insight into the national schemes, when the scheme started, its objectives, any updates, and their nodal ministries.
  •       Sports News – This section isn’t that essential, yet you need to stay updated about some of the recent activities such as any new records, name of the players, venue, etc.
  •       Committee, Commission & Reports – This is a section that you should focus on as many questions have been asked in the previous years on this topic. This section includes the facts linked to India’s committee/commission reports.
  •       Awards and Honors – This is a fact-based section that includes who was awarded which award and in which year. So, you will have to remember these as you never know when they ask such questions in the IAS exam.
  •       Accidents and calamities – You should read the newspaper daily to stay updated on the recent accidents and calamities happening around.
  •       First in India – This topic comprises information on the recent inventions, discoveries, or any finding that can be counted as first in India.

2)    International

The topics to be covered under this section are

  • Significant Summits & Events
  • First in the world
  • International leadership
  • International Sports news
  • International committees & recommendations
  • International Awards and honors
  • Geographical events around the world

 This was about the current affairs topics asked in the IAS syllabus. If you do not want to waste your time, register with BYJUs Exam Prep, where you can get audio-video recorded lectures, exam-focused topics, notes, and articles on the latest news and current affairs.

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