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Early Childhood Learning

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Child’s early learning makes a profound difference in many families’ lives and creates a love for learning in children. The children are encouraged to learn through exploration by engaging them in a stimulating and proper learning environment. The children are assisted in reaching more incredible milestones and getting positive values in them throughout their lives. Early Learning experience builds a strong foundation, providing the best start in life and Learning.

Typically, most children have different growth, and not every child achieves the same milestones simultaneously. However, to achieve learning milestones, a mind approach is applied. Read more at https://www.mindchamps.org/au/early-learning/hornsby/.

The Three Mind Approach

With advancing technology, societies and economies evolve. As a result, children need to be equipped with the right mindset to focus on their skills and better Learning. The ability to stay open-minded enables children to adapt to date changing world. The children are prepared with future-ready skills and capabilities. The foundation of this education approach model focuses on providing young children with the confidence and skills to adapt to what the future might bring.

The model is based on the ‘3 Minds’ offering practical and developmental strategies with different qualities

  1. The mind of a champion

It involves the celebration of each child’s uniqueness. It teaches children not to lose hope and have the capability to tackle adversity diligently and thrive to achieve tremendous success.

  1. The precious mind for learning

Involves teaching children’s strategies for Learning How and not What should be learned therefore assisting them in understanding, storing, and manufacturing information and concepts

  1. Having a creative mind

It nurtures the children’s abilities to creatively think and understand the world from different perspectives. A creative environment can be nurtured through art, music, and play. The casio keyboard range offers great tools for kids to continue engaging their creative mind in a learning space. It helps children integrate and connect to multiple perspectives, making them generate new and creative ideas for solving problems.

The three Minds allow children to achieve a marvelous mindset unlocking their optimum potential more when their parents are involved.

To achieve this optimally:

  1. The teachers should offer quality teaching so that the young kids can learn efficiently and understand.
  2. The young kids should be given quality care and attention
  3. The institution should provide proper and quality leadership to all levels

The precise methodology should be applied besides the mind’s approach to achieving maximum success in teaching the children. Here below is one of the most suitable methodologies.

The Sensory, Motor, Intellectual, Linguistic, Emotional, and Social Skills Methodology

It is a method used to focus on developing sensory, motor, intellectual, linguistic, emotional, and social skills needed by a child for their development.

Alphabetical plays and reading programs aid young children to develop a love for reading letters and words and storytelling.

Engaging in funny experiences that help a child develops their skills in reading alphabet, writing and storytelling have significant benefits for them. To know whether a child is ready to read:

  • The child can recognize and arrange alphabetic letters
  • The child has word awareness
  • The child has print awareness and book
  • The child can easily listen and understands
  • The child has motivation for reading.

Curiosity is highly encouraged since children’s interests can lead them to have beautiful methods of topics, discussions, and explorations.

Additionally, the math concepts are done on counting in groups, counting on hands fingers, and the application of numbers musical knowledge in care centers.

Early children’s Learning opens their minds, making them tackle and solve problems along the way. It instills them with positive values benefiting them even in their older ages.

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