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ServiceNow CSA Certification Requirements

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ServiceNow has become one of the market’s most widely used Enterprise Service Management platforms over the years. The cloud-based corporate management platform has the potential to revolutionise business processes. 

The ServiceNow CSA exam assesses your ability to configure, manage, and administer the ServiceNow system. This certificate verifies that you possess the requirements to acquire additional certifications and tests. However, clearing this exam is not as simple as it appears. This exam requires expert assistance and guidance, as well as dependable resources.

The ServiceNow Certified System Administrator credential should be your first step towards a bright future if you’re pursuing a job in ServiceNow. Sales Engineers, ServiceNow clients, partners, and others interested in the ServiceNow platform are eligible for this qualification.

What Does the Future Look Like for ServiceNow Administrators?

Thanks to cloud storage and the creation of many apps, the ServiceNow platform is gradually spreading across several industries. Developers, administrators, consultants, and other professionals are in high demand. Accenture, Cognizant, and other large IT partners are hiring for various positions.

Many IT talent management organisations now have Certified ServiceNow Admin specialists on staff who keep up with industry changes. As a result, these experts are top-rated on the ServiceNow platform. Furthermore, some multinational corporations seek experienced administrators for essential roles. Due to the nature of these professions, they often provide reasonable compensation. As a result, it would be advisable to start studying for the ServiceNow Administrator certification exam as soon as possible if you are seriously thinking about stepping into the world of ServiceNow.

Requirements for the ServiceNow CSA Certification

Make sure you have the following abilities and information to be a good candidate for this exam:

  • The candidate must have worked with the ServiceNow platform for at least six months. Make sure that you have completed the ServiceNow System Admin basic training.
  • The ideal candidate will have experience in the industry and be familiar with database concepts and management systems.
  • Some understanding of IT Help Desk processes and workflows, as well as problems and occurrences.

The table below lists the topics, weightage assessed by this exam, and percentage of questions in each domain.

 Refer to ServiceNow System Administrator Certification Exam Syllabus for more details.

Exam Preparation for a ServiceNow System Administrator Exam

You must comply with the following requirements to take the ServiceNow Administrator exam.

  • Before taking the Certified System Administrator exam, candidates must complete a three-day ServiceNow Fundamentals Training class or an on-demand ServiceNow Fundamentals training course.
  • The ideal applicant will be familiar with database fundamentals and have prior system administration expertise.
  • The candidate should be able to connect to ServiceNow’s Personal Developer Instance by going to developer.servicenow.com.
  • The candidate must be familiar with the procedures used by the IT Help Desk.
  • In addition, the applicant should have three to six months of experience managing and maintaining ServiceNow systems.

Roles and Responsibilities of a ServiceNow Admin

When you dive into the world of ServiceNow, besides the requirements to achieve its certification, you should also have an idea about its roles and responsibilities. A ServiceNow Admin’s role is critical for any firm because they are responsible for various operations.


  • Data Administration

Administrators can evaluate and update the ethical rules that govern how data in a user’s account is saved and used. Importing and exporting are examples of data management functions. Data archiving and the development of database columns and tables are also included.

  • Managing the Platform’s Performance

Through system performance monitoring and diagnostics, the Administrator should verify that the system is optimised. It contributes to the overall system’s performance improvement.

  • Management of Security Systems

The ServiceNow Admin handles failed logins, password encryption, access control rules, audit logs, and other critical security features.


  • Regularly, an efficient Admin is accountable for support and maintenance activities. They also collaborate with the platform’s team members to devise creative approaches to problems.
  • To generate resources for requests and tasks, the Administrators should collaborate with the ServiceNow team. Workflows can automate a wide range of client procedures. 
  • Administrators can customise the platform and construct and develop a range of end-user training courses. Furthermore, this will assist the organisation in meeting its varied requirements.
  • The platform’s Administrator, among other things, must maintain a tight watch on ServiceNow’s upkeep and usage. They should also build processes for system unification and automation.

 Effective ways to prepare for the ServiceNow CSA Exam

At first, breaking down the study topics into different assignments and chunks may appear challenging to any learner, but it will become much more manageable as you prepare. Here are some more ServiceNow Certified System Administrator test preparation ideas.

  1. Learn Through Experience

Candidates in the ServiceNow Fundamentals learn about various topics and interact with several apps by investigating the ServiceNow platform and putting what they’ve learned into practice. Each course module contains a variety of hands-on activities that reinforce lecture concepts while also providing hands-on experience. Exercises are completed in a private, specialized training facility. 

Several instructor-led training sessions are throughout the course, such as skill checks, topic reviews, etc. Participants can put their newly gained knowledge to work while learning from their colleagues’ real-world business problems.

  1. Create A Study Strategy

Candidates can use the exam syllabus to prepare strategically for the exam. Exam structure should be well grasped by carefully reading the exam guide, including questions, time limits, suggested materials, weighting, and duration. In the exam, not every section is equally significant. Make it a point to concentrate your study time on the most heavily weighted topics.

  1. Use Flashcards

Flashcards are handy when preparing for the ServiceNow Admin Certification. It’s a memory technique that allows you to refresh your memory quickly. Learners can utilise flashcards to engage with knowledge and better understand the content they’re studying. Flashcards are also meant to improve and encourage active recall, developing a more vital neural link in the brain, making them an effective memory aid.

It’s a quick method to refresh your memory while also driving you to answer questions you might not have thought of. Don’t just answer and go on to the next card; think about everything you say, especially if you overlooked something. Examine the official material and the online community until you completely understand the answer.

  1. Don’t Be Impatient

ServiceNow is a challenging technology to master; it has a steep learning curve at first, but it slows down as time passes and you get more knowledge. And there’s the trick: we often underestimate the platform, assuming that because we’ve spent the last three weeks working on it and have seen the majority of its foundations, we’re ready to pass the ServiceNow CSA Certification, which isn’t always the case. That is a significant blunder that, unfortunately, many individuals make.

Take your time learning everything you can about the ServiceNow platform, including the primary table names, the workflow mechanism and how it works, Access Control Lists (ACL), and the Now Platform’s behavior. Then, and only then, consider achieving CSA Certification.

  1. Choose A Trustworthy Learning Platform

After completing the ServiceNow Foundations and grasping the essentials, we recommend using a reputable learning platform like saasguru to help bridge the gap between your study and certification day. Examine saasguru’s learners-first approach to see how a customisable learning technique might aid you in your certification preparation.

Is A ServiceNow Certification Worth It?

According to a ServiceNow Community poll, approximately 68 percent of professionals believe their certification has helped them advance in their careers. According to the community study, qualified professionals thought the certificate had a beneficial impact on their pay.

Your prior experience also determines the value of a ServiceNow certification. It recognises your abilities and knowledge, allowing you to explore higher-paying professions. You should take the exam if you have worked on the ServiceNow system for at least six months. By demonstrating your commitment to the platform and your professional advancement, you’ll be able to attract recruiters from renowned firms. As a result, earning a ServiceNow Certification is well worth the time and effort.

Aspirants who clear the ServiceNow System Administrator Certification Exam will be able to assist businesses with the administration, configuration, installation, and maintenance of the ServiceNow platform. Customers, sales engineers, partners, and anyone interested in becoming a ServiceNow Certified System Administrator can take the 90-minute, 60-question CSA exam.

The CSA Certification is a mandatory certification with only a few requirements. By passing this test, you can advance to the next level of ServiceNow certifications. This certification sets the foundation for all you need to know about ServiceNow before moving on to further courses or certifications.


Following the ServiceNow CSA Exam requirements and the few exam tips outlined above will assist you in thoroughly preparing for and passing the certification exam. It will also aid in your understanding of the concepts and provide you with optimism on exam day.

We hope you’ve figured out what you should be doing and are working on a great ServiceNow CSA exam preparation strategy and enhancing your skills along the way.

Originally posted 2022-06-29 19:00:00.

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