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10 Easiest Languages To Learn For English Speakers

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Fluency in more than one language is a good skill. In this globalization era, being bilingual has several advantages. For example, it helps to have better career opportunities, or it lets you access a new community and culture easier.

Among thousands of languages, people prefer to learn regular and easier languages along with their mother tongue. If you are good at English, a language that is more closely related to it will be easier to learn.

There are various ways to learn a new language. You can easily enroll yourself in online classes and meet with Online Tutors such as English Tutors with AmazingTalker!

Here is the list of some easy to learn languages for English speakers:

  1. Dutch:

Dutch is a unique West Germanic language with more interesting characteristics. About 25 million people in the world are native Dutch speakers. Moreover, 5 million people speak Dutch as their second language. If you are an English or German speaker, Dutch will be very easy to learn because they are from the same root. 

  1. Norwegian

Norwegian comes from the North Germanic language. According to Wikipedia, about 5.32 million people in the world are native Norwegian speakers. It is an easier language to learn for English speakers because the origin of both languages is the same. Even the vocabulary of both languages is similar. For instance, you say “god morgen” in Norwegian to say “good morning”. 

  1. Swedish

Swedish is also a North Germanic language that has about 10 million native speakers at present. It is the official language of Sweden. Due to the same root language, English speakers can easily learn Swedish. The vocabulary and grammar of Swedish are similar to English. It is one of the most spoken languages in Europe that is absolutely worth learning. 

  1. Spanish

Most people learn Spanish after English because of its prospects. This global language has a huge number of native and non-native speakers worldwide. It comes from the Indo-European language family and is derived from spoken Latin. Many Spanish and English words are obtained from Latin. Due to the same ancient root, English speakers can learn Spanish effortlessly. Spanish also has similarities to many other languages.

  1. Portuguese

Portuguese also originates from the Indo-European language family. It has many lexical and grammatical similarities to Spanish. Portuguese is an excellent language for travelers because it is spoken in many places in Europe, Africa, and South America. So, it lets you connect with people worldwide. If you already know a romantic language like Spanish, you can easily learn Portuguese due to the same root language.

  1. Italian

Italian is considered the direct descendant of Latin. According to Wikipedia, about 85 million people speak Italian, of which 67 million are native speakers. It is not only a beautiful language but also very easy to learn, particularly for English, Spanish and French speakers. Italian words are easier to pronounce and guess. Learning this language will also allow you to explore the beauty of Italian literature.

  1. French

French originates from Vulgar Latin which is also a part of the Indo-European language family. It is a global language with more than 321 million active speakers. So, learning French is a good decision for many prospects. French is closely connected to English. Even you will notice many common vocabularies. So, an English speaker can easily learn French by spending some time and effort. 

  1. German

The root of German is the West Germanic language. More than 95 million people in the world are native German speakers. It is the official and semi-official language of several European countries. Due to the same origin, German and English have many similarities. That’s why an English speaker doesn’t have to struggle to learn it. German words are phonetic and are easier to pronounce. 

  1. Indonesian

Indonesian, the official language of Indonesia is a genre of Malay. In recent times, Indonesia has been an important country for business and tourism. So, learning this language will open more opportunities. Unlike other Asian languages, Indonesian is an easy language to learn. Its vocabulary and grammar are very simple. Moreover, you don’t have to learn to write Indonesian since it is written in the Latin alphabet.

  1. Malay

Malay is also an Austronesian language, which is the official language of Indonesia, Brunei, and Malaysia. All these countries are rich in culture, tradition, tourism, and business prospects. So, if you want to explore more opportunities, Malay is an important language to learn. It is simpler than most other Asian and European languages. Malay’s grammar is similar to English. That’s why it is easy to learn and use.

The final word

Nowadays, the world has been like a village where you are free to go anywhere at any time. The only thing that can bother you is the linguistic differences. Though English is widely spoken, learning a new language will accelerate your communication. For example, saying “buenas noches” instead of the good evening will surely impress Españoles. 

Fortunately, modern technology has made learning a new language effortless. Several online platforms let you buy a lesson or book a schedule to start learning virtually. So, there is no more barrier to learning a new language and moving through the world confidently.

Originally posted 2022-05-24 08:25:22.

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