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Before you work with a family lawyer in Sydney, you should know about these legal proceedings

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When a person hears the term “family lawyer,” it is automatically assumed that they only deal with divorce or child custody cases. Family law includes a wide range of services, such as adoption, guardianship, or even probate, which require legal proceedings. Divorce and probate are becoming more entwined due to the development of cognitive issues that lead to a change in marital status. While it is assumed that family lawyers in Sydney can only deal with cases involving divorce, in reality, they deal with a variety of cases related to the dissolution or settlement of family disputes. Although not all family lawyers can handle all kinds of cases, some may stay out of court, and some focus more on litigation.

Without further ado, here are some types of cases that family lawyers in Sydney deal with:

1) Divorce

A family lawyer can assist you with legal separation or divorce. Legal separation and divorce are used together, as legal separation can be converted into a divorce. While some divorces may be resolved by legal separation or reconciliation. Family lawyers in Sydney work alongside you to provide you with the best settlement for your benefit. They may also assist you in negotiating matters such as acquiring a martial house, the maintenance of the spouse, the settlement of property, division of assets, division of liabilities. Many times, family lawyers can help you find a solution without trial. Although most of the cases require a visit to the court, and if that happens, they can represent you throughout the process.

2) Child Custody

Family law focuses on the best interests of a child. It is a technical, emotional, and sensitive area of law. As a result, people prefer to hire the best family lawyers in Sydney to get custody of their children. They either help the parent to prove or disprove the child’s paternity rights. Family lawyers can help a client obtain joint legal and physical rights for a child. As far as sole custody is concerned, if it is in the best interest of the child, they can even help you with that. They may also assist you in figuring out disagreements related to child support and help with the settlement.

3) Marriage

If you are getting married or heading for a civil union, you might want to draw an agreement. According to Family Law in Sydney, when you get married, you create a contract. That contract remains with the state and mentions all the details of the joint properties you have acquired and the joint debts of both spouses during the marriage. Therefore, if you own a business, property, or have any other legal issue, you may want to enter into a prenuptial agreement that can protect your asset from your spouse in the future. Many couples who are already married may also choose to have a postnuptial agreement, which family lawyers in Sydney can also help with.

4) Domestic Assault

Domestic assault and child abuse are one of the most serious issues addressed by a family law solicitor based in Sydney. Often the signs of domestic violence are not obvious. A family lawyer may represent a victim in a case or a person who has been charged with domestic assault. They may guide the victim in filing a restraining order, also known as the Order of Protection. The Order of Protection has very detailed and specific laws for the benefit of the victim, and therefore it is crucial to consult a family lawyer to defend or make allegations.

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