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Choose The Right Bass Drum Pedals for An Uplifting Musical Experience

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Music is all about feeling the rhythm that flows through your soul. We all have different ways of expressing it in different ways. Some use the lyrics to connect to a higher meaning, while some through musical instruments.

Likewise, one such instrument is a drum set. However, it takes a special talent to master this instrument. It requires not only understanding the techniques but also your instrument. 

One such element of a drum set is the bass drum pedals. The right alignment, position, and feet-stomping movement will help the rhythm flow through your feet majestically to the drum. There are more things to know about the drum pedals to make the right choice. So, let us dig in deep. 

The Correct Choice of Parts for Your Bass Drum Pedals-

The basic idea while choosing the parts for your bass drum pedals is to keep things very simple. If you know about the key parts will help you make the right decision.  Let us see what makes a drum pedal more fluid.

Key Components of Bass Drum Pedals:

  1. Beater
  2. Pedal drive
  3. Cam
  4. Footboard
  5. Spring

A Beater That Enhances the Volume:

A beater is a stick-shaped striker that beats your bass drum. The intensity with which the beater hits the drum pedals enhances its volume. Therefore, it is vital to choose a better material that provides fluidity in the movement.

The Better the Shape of The Cam, The Better Is the Fluidity:

There are two types of cam shapes that you can choose for your bass drum pedals: 

  • Round cams
  • Offset cams

The shape of the pedal decides the responsiveness of the pedals. The right shape provides a better susceptibility to your pedals. For example, an Offset cam intensifies the beating force. However, around cam provides better control over speed and sound. 

 The Importance of The Pedal Drive:

Every element of the bass drum pedals is important to maintain fluidity. Additionally, it is essential in transforming the downward action of your feet into a better forward motion. It provides more response and power to the drum.  You have the option of choosing from three different types of drives.

  • Direct 
  • Chain
  • Belt 

The right choice of drive for your drum pedals is responsible for a better responsive reaction.

A Footboard That Reduced Movement:

A Footboard needs to be as motionless as possible. Additionally, they are designed in two ways: the traditional footboard and the longboard. 

However, this depends upon how you play and the size of your feet. Therefore, it is important to understand your playing style and then chose the right footboard. 

A Spring That Efficiently Absorbs the Action:

The movement of the bass drum pedals depends on the retracting action and the speed that the springs provide. 

Consequently, the right amount of tension in the spring enhances its ability to hit the bass drum with better intensity. Also, it allows the pedals to retract to their original position. However, if there is less tension between the springs, it gives the drummer better control and reaction.

The Price Should Meet Your Budget:

The budget will always be essential to decide what kind of bass drum pedals you can assemble. However, a simpler version will always remain the best, but you can always customize the different elements according to your needs if you have a good budget. 

It is always recommended to have a hands-on experience with your drum set instead of choosing the drum pedals, which are higher in cost. Expensive things never make you a better player.


Music is always felt, and its sole aura resides in the player and not on the instrument. So, if you are keen on making your music more powerful, then the best drum pedal will guarantee it.

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