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Yesmovies 2021 : Watch Free Movies Online for Free

Are you looking for sites like Yesmovies? But now there is a free movie watching application that you can have on your gadgets. You can update the latest movies whenever you want without going to the cinema.

Yesmovies is a free online movie and TV show streaming and downloading site. It’s completely free. The user is not required to register. It works on the direct click and play model. The user also has the option to download the favorite content for offline viewing. In this article, we will share every single insight concerning yesmovies down.

What is Yesmovies?

Yesmovies is a free online movie and TV show streaming and downloading site. Although the website is free, it is professionally designed with super easy navigation and a simple design. Allow me to remind you indeed that this is an illicit site.

It provides movies based on Genre, Comedy, Action, Adventure, Animation, Costume, Biography, Crime, Documentary, Drama, Family, Fantasy, History, Horror, Kungfu, Musical, Mystery, Mythological, Psychological, Romance, Sci-fi, Sitcom does. , Sports, Thrillers, and more.

Yesmovies Proxy & Mirror Sites List

Despite the persistent efforts of the government and cyber teams, the owners of Yesmovies have managed to keep the website going. The website started its operations with the domain ‘Yesmovies.com’ which was blocked. 

How does YesMovies work?

It doesn’t matter which country you live in, the website offers movies from all over the world. It is a one-stop solution for movie and TV show lovers. Nonetheless, you can utilize administrations like VPN and intermediary workers to get to it in nations where it is impeded.

There is no need to register. This will take you to the movie page where you can see the movie’s synopsis such as its duration, genre, actors, producers, and more. This information will help you decide whether you want to watch it or avoid it. If you think the movie is worth the time then click on the play button and start streaming. 

YesMovies Alternatives in 2021


With an almost equally large movie database, iMovies can be used as one of the best alternatives to YesMovies. The website has a similar-looking structure, but a white and maroon theme instead of black and red. It uses the same theme as YesMovies. So, if users are accustomed to YesMovies then they will not face any trouble in navigation. Its website clearly states that the user can watch TV episodes and full movies without registration. This is a good thing for the users and since it provides a lot of features.

The site features a total of 27 different genres ranging from action to Christmas. Its homepage alone can provide a lot of different tips among other sections. The main page includes some useful areas such as recommendations, movies, and TV shows. It has a few options like Top Favorites and Toddy etc. for better movie recommendations.


Another website like YesMovies is YoMovies. Even the names are quite similar. This color theme was something that we liked because it works like dark mode. And this look will not put pressure on your eyes while watching a movie at night.

It provides high-quality movies and TV shows and web series from such a big production house. The homepage of YoMovies is richer in content than that of iMovies. Various sections like Trending Movies, Web Series, Bollywood Movies, Dual-Audio Movies, Hollywood Movies, etc are already available on the homepage.

There are 20 different styles available on this website, and the entire database is categorized into these sections. The number of genres is less than iOMovies but all the essential and essential genres like Action, Adventure, Horror, Sci-fi are available. Apart from Hindi and English films, there are also films in languages like Tamil, Telugu, Punjabi etc.


The third option on the list is BMovies. If you have ever used FMovies other than YesMovies, then BMovies is exactly the same. The color theme of BMovies is darker, and hence it resembles FMovies. But it is also very similar to YesMovies. The only difference is the logo and the color theme.

The content available on BMovies is also huge. Its content mainly consists of movies and TV series. Both these types of materials are seen all over the world. Its homepage has three sections to display its content. 

The look and interface of the website is very simple and nice with everything well organized. The homepage houses the main menu, which includes all the different genres, top IMDb section, country section, A-Z list, etc., which makes the movie experience even more engaging.

Select tv

Select Tv costs only two US dollars per month. With Select TV, you can enjoy a variety of content broadcast on Netflix and other online movie portal sources. Firstly, Select TV site provides streaming of the latest movies with a complete collection, from Hollywood, Korea to Japan.

Apart from the latest movies, Select TV also offers old movies and movies which are not screened in traditional cinemas.


The model is somewhat like Google. You can find various selected movies that can be watched through streaming and movies can be downloaded for offline viewing. It is simple to use and allows its users to find the movie they are looking for. The movies available are not only recent but also old ones. Then there is Alluc, which is the best streaming movie watching site with the entire movie collection.

Apart from providing online viewing options, Alluc also provides opportunities to download the latest movies to be stored in HP or laptop memory. To maximize the viewing experience, you can also choose different servers if one of them seems slow. Not only that, it also provides direct subtitles without the hassle of finding a separate translation.

Watch free movies

This site has a huge selection of free movies, but to enjoy it for free, you will get movies with low image quality. Although of low quality, most movies are displayed with very good images. WatchMoviesFree, commonly known as WatchMoviesFree, has an exhaustive database of movies and serials that you may not have heard of before.

You can neatly organize the categories of movies divided into categories like Western movies, Indian movies, Japanese movies, Korean movies, Mandarin movies and more. Even if you want to be more specific, this movie watching site can also search by genre or year of release which you can set yourself.


Niter has advantages in its layout. The look is somewhat like Netflix. Its speed cannot be doubted. Moreover, the full-screen display makes this site the perfect place to watch movies online. Also, many movies are available with HD capability.

As before, Niter offers search features based on genre and year of release that can be easily accessed. It looks clean even with a white background and minimal advertising, albeit a few, but not too irritating features when viewing in Yesmovies!

Niter also offers several server options that you can change if you have a problem with one of them. Apart from watching movies online, this site also provides various mirror links, downloading options through Google Drive.


Vudu is an interesting place to watch streaming and one of the best. The site provides the latest movies as well as old and classic movies. Vudu is suitable for anyone who wants to watch a good quality movie, even if it is served online. Available types of horror movies, kids, family movies and more.

Front view of the Vudu Cinema site is highly recommended for those who love Asian movies, dramas, and variety shows. You can find various Mandarin movies, Japanese movies, and the latest Korean movies that you can watch for free. This movie-watching site definitely has some flaws too, namely pop-up ads that are quite annoying when you access them. So you have to be ready!


Vumoo makes it easy for you to quickly search for movies by scrolling down or the main menu. It offers thousands of movies that you can watch in full-screen mode. Apart from Vudu and Nitter, there is always a wait for its website due to the large selection of movies in sites like YesMovies.

However, at this point in time, you can access Vumoo with the latest movie database, which is quite complete and updated. Visually, the interface of Vumoo is similar to that of Vudu. For those of you who love to look there, you might not be familiar with it!

Movie watcher

If you want to find and watch a movie in flash then this is the best streaming. All movies are grouped by rank. If you want to watch movies according to their popularity level then this makes it easy for you. It can also filter any movie that will be watched in one of these sites like Yesmovies.

MovieWatcher is in the list of latest movie-watching sites. The appearance of this site is quite simple with easy to understand navigation. Apart from the updated movie, you can also find the latest anime movies and Korean dramas in sites like these Yesmovies.


Another interesting site that can be used to watch movies from outside is Movie4K. This site makes it easy for you to find thousands of movies across multiple genres. You can also see the quality of the movie through IMD.

This site provides the best rating of movies according to IMDB. There is no need to wait long after the movie airs in theatres. You can check it out on this site right away. You can sort movies by genre, country, and more. This is one of the best features of a site like this.

Couch tuner

It’s a simple display site to find the movie you want easily. You can watch movies on full screen here. Even the movies watched are unlimited and free in this sites like Yesmovies!


WolowTube has a huge database to stream movies online. They also offer movies that can be watched for free. They also display a list of the most popular movies that people are looking for. People can easily access sites like these Yesmovies.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Yesmovies Legal?

Yesmovies does not host any content on its servers, all streaming content is provided by non-affiliated third parties. In fact yes movies not working, you can say that it is not legal at all because if all its content is not obtained in a legal way. Streaming/downloading movies from websites like Yesmovies can land you in trouble. You may be booked for copyright infringement depending on the laws of your country.

Is Yesmovies safe?

YesMovies mainly earns money by showing pop-up ads. Although most pop-up ads are safe, some popups may redirect you to malicious websites that are full of malware and viruses. These viruses and malware can cause major damage to your computer/device. We recommend that you buy good anti-virus software to protect your device. 

How to avoid ads while using Yesmovies?

Since Yesmovies is free, you have to deal with frequent popup ads that spoil your movie watching experience. However, you can opt for a good ad-blocker to keep away the ads that pop up regularly. You can also use an adblocker extension on your web browser.

How would I know when the most recent films are free on Yesmovies?

There are clients across the world who need to remain refreshed about the most recent films and shows. Yesmovies gives them the option to subscribe to receive notifications on email. User has to subscribe to the site by entering his/her email address. Yesmovies is absolutely free. 

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