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What Is The Best Free VPN Apps For Your Android?

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What is the best free VPN for your Android? You might be unable to use some applications on your mobile, or surf some websites, or unable to open some links. Ever wonder why this happens? This happens sometimes because your region does not allow you to have access to that material on the internet. Restrictions on the internet, that’s insane, right? But don’t worry, we got you. VPN has got you! 

Benefits Of Having A VPN

Using a VPN allows you to have access to that online game or that web series that you badly want to see but can’t. Also, you can be completely tension-free about the risk of losing your data to strangers. With the rising popularity and scope of VPN, different providers have stepped into the market providing you a wide range of products. Androids today come with a variety of loopholes and data leak methods, sometimes even in-built in them. 

Therefore it is very important to have a safe internet connection and some kind of data protection technique stored in your android to keep it safe for use. Unlike the earlier times when VPNs were only compatible with PCs or laptops, today, there are several VPN software that has been built exclusively for androids keeping in mind their make and capabilities. 

For the androids that are way less than computers, we can now access VPNs that are much light and easy and specially built for androids. According to research by Top10VPN, more than 480 million VPN apps were downloaded around the globe in 2019. Out of these, 84.3% were for free mobile VPN apps. There are a few features that define the efficiency of a VPN service provider, which are-:

  • Speed
  • Ease inaccessibility 
  • Security and privacy
  • Compatibility
  • Help initiatives

Having a clear mind on which app is the best is quite tough given the number of options and competition in the market. Yet, we will try to compare some of the best free VPN apps for android which can help you make your decision with a bit of ease.

What Is The Best Free VPN For Android?

Here, we brought you some of the best free VPN for Android which you may like. We did deep research on these VPNs in respect of security, servers, anonymity, etc. Let’s begin:


With High-speed servers in 94 countries across the world, ExpressVPN is a free-to-use VPN app for android. It gives you lightning-fast connectivity and privacy and allows you to access data from censored and blocked websites even when you are traveling. 

It resides upon the concept of anonymity and its customer support is available for your help 24×7. Its Lock kill technology kills traffic after VPN is shut off and its Split tunneling routes some of the traffic of the device through a VPN and the rest of the traffic accesses the internet without any routing. 

It has its private DNS which makes the connection fast as well as secure. It enhances no-logging and its encryption is approved by experts worldwide. One can use it on 5 devices at a time and it provides unlimited bandwidth. You can download it for free on android. For better understanding, we have compared StrongVPN Vs ExpressVPN to know its better performance. 

However, it is not free and comes with some in-app purchases.


The most crucial feature of ProtonVPN is its security guidelines. Also, the easy-to-use build of ProtonVPN makes it one of the best free VPN providers for android. 

ProtonVPN is based in Switzerland. It directs your network to pass through countries like Switzerland and Iceland which are supporters of the privacy of an individual and thus, it helps to hide the true IP address of an individual. It promotes anti-logging and keeps browsing history private. 

It has an anonymous VPN service that shields your data and internet from the eyes of outsiders. It gives great speed and can be connected to up to 10 devices. Its professional support team makes using ProtonVPN easy and free of trouble. Currently, ProtonVPN runs across 55 countries. 

Its exclusive features like Kill Switch and Always-on are built-in and block all network traffic when the VPN is turned off and automatically connects to a VPN server. With the Tor support built-in, you can access dark websites and Onion sites anonymously. Also, we have compared ProtonVPN Vs HolaVPN for better understanding. 


Created in Toronto, Canada, and later acquired by McAfee, Tunnelbear is a VPN provider that works for free on android. It has been of great use in countries like Iran, Turkey, etc., where the government banned various websites. 

It hides the IP address of the user and provides it with a hoax IP address. Its special feature is that it is the first public VPN that had an internal audit and later shared the reports of the audit with its consumers, creating a bond of trust and faith. It connects automatically to the server and always stays on. 

It is very easy to use. It allows users to have access to content available in 41 countries and its encryption is very strong. It is truly free, however, you cannot use more than 500MB of data per month, which creates a bit of a restriction. In this case, ProtonVPN is better as it has no data limit. Also, check our TunnelBear Vs NordVPN comparison.

Our View ON What Is The Best Free VPN For Android?

Out of all the VPN providers we have discussed above, I feel that ProtonVPN is the best provider in terms of speed and reliability, and is free of cost to use. But according to the needs of different consumers, every provider has its benefits and one should compare wisely before getting any VPN application for itself.

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