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The Best Ways To Engage Your Clients In The New Financial Year

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As an asset finance broker, one of the most important aspects of your work is your clients. Without your clients, you simply wouldn’t be able to do your job. 

Many businesses struggled through the hardships of the pandemic and now as the economy rebuilds, the business will rebuild alongside it. As the business world now stands, with a steady outlook, asset finance is only going to become more in demand. So, how are you going to engage and secure your clients this financial year?

The pandemic certainly changed the way that your clients want to interact with you. So, here are some of the best ways to engage new and current clients in the new financial year.

Improve Your Online Experience

These days the first aspect of your business a client will judge is your online experience. Often the first form of marketing they will see is online, and then they will make their way from social media, or an advertisement to your website. If this first experience is dismal, then it is unlikely they will give your broker services a chance. Make sure every aspect of your online experience is engaging, clear, concise and easy to navigate. A strong digital presence will give your business the best chance of converting across multiple channels. Remember, first impressions matter.

Personalisation Is Key 

Much like having an online presence is a must these days, so is customer personalization. Customer-centric culture is a growing trend, and customer expectations have evolved far beyond good deals, and sales. Clients want to feel special, and as if you are going the extra mile just for them. Simple personalization in your marketing can go a long way. Whether that is understanding their unique needs or finding a different way to show them you are going further just to meet their goals.

Human Connection Even If You Aren’t In The Same Room.

2020 changed the way that businesses will interact with customers forever. With in-person experiences being taken over by digital platforms you still need to find a way to connect with your clients, despite being physically apart. Video conferencing software is the perfect way to still inject a human connection into your client meetings. Use all online video platforms to their full extent in order to engage your clients fully.

Staying On Top Of Digital Trends 

Lastly, it is so important to stay on top of digital trends. The pandemic forced many businesses to accelerate their digital transformations. Today digital trends aren’t just a competitive advantage, but a lifeline between you and your clients. Businesses that don’t make progress and move with these trends could find themselves struggling in the years to come.

Engaging new clients in the new financial year is crucial to growing your business. However, as an asset finance broker, it is also important to ensure your relationships with lenders are just as strong. Without your lender relationships, you can’t offer your clients the best asset finance options available. For the best non-bank asset finance option for SMEs be sure to use Grow Finance.

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