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Customer Acquisition Outsourcing to the Philippines

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Business process outsourcing may have started with a limited range of services. Indeed, often people will only think of it as offering call or contact centres. However, the industry has evolved far beyond its origins and now offers almost every service imaginable.

While call centres remain the biggest part of the outsourcing sector, it is now possible to find providers who offer back-office processing, content moderation, coding and programming, even animation and design work. And one of the services that have relatively recently become popular is lead generation and telemarketing.

In some ways, telemarketing services in the Philippines are a natural progression. Call centres are used to handle customer services during and after a transaction, why not use them to prompt that transaction in the first place? The skills and facilities required are much the same as they are for any call centre. With good tech infrastructure, including things like AI assistants, it is just as easy for call centre agents to make calls as it is to receive them.

Due to the high level of English fluency among Filipino call centre agents, they are well-placed to make that type of call. Their close cultural affinity with the west also means they can quickly build a rapport on calls, helping to increase their success rate, and because of the relatively close time zones, the Australian market tends to attract the best call agents.

Lead generation outsourcing to the Philippines takes this even further. Helping businesses to find their next customer or client. And, once again, all the reasons the Philippines is a great outsourcing destination for more traditional services make it great for lead generation. Using an outsourced service can make great business sense.

Lead generation is typically hard and often thankless work. It requires extensive research and, while the success rate will vary enormously depending on the sector, the fact is most leads go nowhere. Businesses that rely on lead generation will know that it’s essential but costly. So, finding ways to reduce that cost makes sense.

By outsourcing lead generation, a business can make much better use of its resources. The outsourcing service in the Philippines can do the basic research more cost effectively than doing it in-house or even buying leads from a third party. They can even make the initial calls, identifying the leads that are viable prospects. The result is that the in-house team can concentrate on those leads that are more likely to lead somewhere, so they are making the most effective use of their time.

Using offshore lead generation outsourcing to the Philippines makes good sense for all manner of processes, but especially for something like lead generation. They can have exactly the same tools as would be used domestically but will be focused on a single task, and because of the lower labour costs, can be up to 50% cheaper. Rather than having costly in-house operations, many companies are finding that outsourcing not only saves on their costs, but it also generates their business.

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