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Don’t know where to install your air conditioner? We have amazing tips

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There is no doubt that air conditioners have added the ultimate comfort and convenience to our lives. Not only the system maintains the adequate temperature in the room, but it also soothes the mood of the occupant. However, before buying an air conditioning in Riverwood, one of the most obvious things you need to decide is the location of the system. Most people will argue saying this isn’t even a question. It is installed where it is needed the most. Yes, that is right at specific points. However, did you know that where you choose to install your air conditioner in a room impacts its energy efficiency and your electricity bills?

It’s true that if you make poor decisions on where to install whether you consider installing a split system air conditioner or ducted system, you could end up paying more.

So how can you decide beforehand where to install your air conditioner for the best results? Here are the factors to consider that can affect where you install an air conditioner in a room.

  • Location of your windows
  • Current ventilation
  • Electrical appliances in the room
  • Number of lightbulbs in the room
  • The material of your floor

To receive more tailored service, ask Omni Air to provide advice on where to install the air conditioner for your home or office room. They can advise on how specific install locations in your home will impact its energy efficiency, noise levels, and performance.

Important Question To Ask

One of the most important questions one should not miss is where to install a split AC and ducted AC, whether it is for residential purposes or commercial purposes. Both the systems are designed to fulfill the needs of occupants differently, and hence, most installed at the right location for the desired result.

For commercial or residential air conditioning in Sydney, split units should be installed in a central location in the room you want to cool or heat, to ensure balanced airflow throughout the space. Here is more to be precise:

Bedroom: The ideal position to install an air conditioner in a bedroom is where the air does not flow directly over the bed. The reason, many people find that the direct hot or cold air makes them feel uncomfortable or even causes them to wake up with a sore.

Living room: If you are installing split air in the living room, the best location is somewhere central so that everyone seated in the room can directly feel airflow where they are seated.

Height: Since cool air naturally sinks, installing your air conditioner higher on your wall will help cool the room more evenly.

Where to install a ducted air conditioning system?

A ducted system is a fully-integrated air system. The system bypasses all the problems and makes the entire room evenly warm or cool. This type of system is installed behind walls or ceilings.

Where to install an outdoor air conditioner?

For installing your outdoor air conditioner at the correct location, consider these factors:

Shade: Ideally, installing an outdoor air conditioner at the cooler side of the premises to get the balanced sunlight and air.

Ventilation: With this, installation of an air conditioner should be at a ventilated area, where there is air-space and is well-ventilated. For the best result, choose a location that is free from shrubbery. Reason? This will make your maintenance much more straightforward and provide free airflow.

Vibration: It is not recommended to install an air conditioner near a wall or a concrete slab, where it is unable to vibrate.

Safety: Make sure that the installation of an outdoor air conditioner isn’t, where your air conditioner is prone to corrosion.

Other Factors to consider:

There are many other factors to consider while installing an air conditioner. Like

  • Type of your resident or office
  • Cleaning and maintenance need
  • Outdoor weather condition
  • Fire resistance
  • Electrical hazard

If you are considering installing air conditioning in Oatley, Omni Air is the right destination. Their years of experience can guide you to choose the right location and system for your needs.

Originally posted 2021-01-04 10:31:20.

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