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What Type Of Bricks Needed For Residential Building Manufacturer

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The foundation of a building is absolutely paramount to its whole structure. In the world of construction, bricks play an essential role in completing the foundation of the building. Although there are quite a few contemporary alternatives to choose from, bricks have several advantages over them.

What are the advantages of choosing bricks for your residential building?

By nature, bricks are long-lasting, hard, and extremely durable, which is definitely a plus for any construction project. Bricks are also known to be highly fire and heat resistant, which adds an extra layer of security to any building plan. One main advantage of using bricks for your residential construction is that it is economical, and if and when needed, can be demolished quite easily. 

Lastly, using bricks of varying sizes allows the builder to create more surface textures and give your house the desired look. Read on to know more about the different types of bricks you can use for your residence.

The types of bricks available for residential purposes:

1. Common Burnt Clay Bricks

As one of the most commonly used bricks in the construction business, burnt clay bricks have already earned the reputation of being the ideal construction material across industries. These bricks are made in moulds and later dried, after which they are fired in a kiln. Burnt clay bricks can be used to build foundations, columns, as well as walls. Although, for the latter, they require some form of plastering.

2. Concrete Bricks

A lot of people these days are opting for unique materials that can be incorporated into their home construction. This is where concrete bricks come in. These types of bricks are solid and have high compressive strength with a fine surface texture. Additionally, they are capable of blocking heat and minimizing excess sound as well. 

Concrete bricks are made by mixing together powdered cement, water, gravel, and sand. During the manufacturing process, builders also mix different pigments and colors to suit the aesthetics of the building. A lot of builders recommend concrete bricks for facades and fencing around residential properties. 

These bricks are tough and capable of providing a strong foundation and build.

3. Sand Lime Bricks

Sand lime bricks are made from a mixture of sand, lime, water, and, sometimes, fly ash. These materials are blended at high pressures and bind to one another with the help of a chemical reaction during the mixing process. Builders highly recommend these bricks for load-bearing, as they are capable of carrying very high weights. In addition, sand-lime bricks have considerably good heat-accumulation and fire-resistance properties.

4. Fly Ash Bricks

Fly ash bricks have recently come up in the market and provide tough competition to the traditional bricks. Industrial waste of fly ash is mixed with clay to make a mixture that is manufactured at 1000 degrees Celsius. 

These bricks are considered to be sustainable because it uses less energy during production, minimal labor time, and are not prone to breaking during transportation. In terms of qualities, this material is lightweight and high in strength. It also has low water absorption, impressive sound resistance, and can be used as a good thermal insulator. 

Fly ash is one of the most polluting industrial waste products. It has found a really good purpose in the process of manufacturing bricks, which makes it a sustainable alternative that a lot of homeowners and builders gravitate towards today.

In Conclusion

The type of brick you should use for your residential building process will depend on the requirements you have for your home. This includes structure, costs, resources, aesthetics, and many more factors. 

A variety of different bricks are used by builders everywhere to create structures and homes that match the vision of the client. The bricks mentioned above are some of the most commonly used ones, especially for residential purposes.

If you’re not sure of the type of brick you should use for your next project, no worries. Krause Bricks is a leading residential bricks manufacturer based in Stawell, Victoria. We have decades of experience in the handmade brick supplying business and can help you procure the best materials for your construction needs. Contact us today to know more about the different types of bricks we offer.

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