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How Are Tradies Going To Benefit From The Federal Budget In The New Financial Year?

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Article at a glance:

  • It is that time of the year again when federal and state budgets are announced. 
  • Tradies are going to benefit from a range of schemes and grants in the 2021-22 budgets.
  • Read on to learn more about how exactly the construction and trades industry will be benefiting from new funds. 

As the end of the financial year is almost here, the federal and states budget for 2021-22 have just been announced. Every year blue-collar workers are eager to hear if the budgets will assist the construction and trades industries. 

Luckily for tradies in 2021, the federal government announced a big spending budget for construction and tradies, with $15.2 billion allocated to infrastructure projects. This will play a vital role throughout the country in fulfilling economic recovery and helping to underpin a strong economy into the future. Additionally, it will boost local economies and create regional jobs, as $250 million has been allocated to infrastructure for regional communities. 

Within the allocated funds will be resources for over 170,000 new apprenticeships and traineeships and 163,000 new training places, to help employed people upskill. This is in addition to extending the 50 percent wage subsidy to apprentices. This is including a portion dedicated specifically to providing support for 5000 women to learn a trade in building and construction. 

Alongside all of this, the federal government has extended the instant asset write-off scheme, which has been welcomed by the car industry, amid fear stock shortages could continue through the next financial year. With many tradies and small blue-collar businesses waiting for new cars, that are delayed, the extension of the tax incentive is another positive from the budget, for the industry. 

It is clear to the industry, from all of the budget assigned to trades, that the government sees the construction industry as one of the key drivers to economic recovery post-pandemic. Master Builders Australia CEO, Denita Wawn, referred to this budget as a ‘nation-building budget and said it was good news for the 400,000 workers engaged in building and construction industries. 

Extending such a successful instant asset write-off scheme will mean that the tradies and business owners will continue to shop, as the sales of utes, tools, and other business assets will bounce back to pre-pandemic levels. 

As these builders and tradies are being backed, and building towards their business success, the government continues their eye-watering 10-year, $110 billion spent on infrastructure. When this happens, they will be needing extra supplies, extra tools, and even more safety workwear

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