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How to Get Rid of Fleas?

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I remember the funny quote about dogs saying, “The best therapist has fur and four legs!” My brother used to love dogs, specifically Siberian husky. He said those 5 dogs make him happy every time they walk and lessen his stress and tiredness from all-day work. 

But how much stress would dogs also bring pet owners like him, if tiny creatures are starting to live and multiply in your dogs’ hair or fur? Your dog’s life will be horrible and so are you because of those Fleas!

What Are Fleas?

The flightless insects form the order Siphonaptera with over 2,500 species and can only survive as external parasites through blood-sucking or consumption. 

Fleas have flattened bodies which make them move easily through the dog’s fur, usually brown in colour, and grow from 2mm to 8mm. 

They can hardly be removed due to their strong claws and mouthparts specialized to pierce the skin and suck blood. 

Also, one interesting fact about fleas is that they can jump up to 50 times their body length, this is the reason why fleas can easily transport on bedding, clothes and are difficult to catch as well.

Fleas undergo 4 stages of their life cycle namely, egg, larva, pupa, and adult. Flea larvae started to feed on organic materials with the use of their chewing mouthparts. 

We believe that fleas prefer to stay and live on pets like dogs and cats, but for all, you know they can also live on humans, especially if there are no mammals or birds around.
And this made fleas pose many health problems to human beings.

Aside from the irritating itchiness to the skin which may lead to infections, fleas may also carry diseases such as flea-borne spotted fever, cat scratch fever, typhus, and plague; remember the Bubonic plague in the 14th century which has caused the deaths of more than 200 million people.

These diseases can be transmitted through fleas’ bites. The symptoms are nausea, swelling of the face, and difficulty in breathing.

Also, fleas are well-known for transferring pathogens, including bacteria, viruses, and other parasites. The double-pored tapeworm which infests dogs and cats is one of these parasites.

This is really something scary not only for our pets but also for our children. The next question would be, how can we avoid fleas from our pets and surroundings?

Actually, it is difficult to assess the signs of fleas in our pets and surroundings because of their very small size, which makes them hard to detect. However, it should be noted that if you suspect the presence of fleas, you should get some flea treatment for house as a precaution.

Did you know that 80% of the flea infestation is contributed by eggs and larva, and the remaining perc1entage for adult fleas? Yes, the infestation is caused by fleas at early stages such as egg and larva, and this made it so invisible for humans to notice and eradicate. 

There are possible ways to minimize fleas in your pets and home, as follows:-

1. Treat and wash your pets regularly

Keeping your pets clean and properly groomed all the time will lessen the risk of having fleas and infestation, once fleas are found, it is quite easier to get rid of it and cure ahead. 

2. Once you see your pets scratching, consult with a Veterinarian immediately

The veterinarian knows the appropriate remedy for your pets’ fleas, get a treatment before it worsens. 

3. Maintain clean and sanitize surroundings through a vacuum cleaner

It is best to maintain cleanliness in your home especially the areas where your pets usually stay such as the carpets in the living room, floors, furniture, rooms, and beds. This may help to eliminate fleas’ eggs and larva and adult fleas. Just make sure to also clean the vacuum cleaner thoroughly.

4. Washing clothes and bedding more often

It is advisable to wash clothes and beddings every week, especially if your pets are roaming inside your room. This is to ensure that eggs and larva will not stay and be removed immediately.

5. Replace your pet’s bedding

When your pet is using its own bedding and found with fleas, better replace it immediately to prevent fleas from reproducing.  

Just please be mindful that these are only temporary solutions as there are surely fleas hatching around your premises. And you need pest control experts to eradicate the tiniest fleas immediately! 

Choosing the flea pest control company in Sydney is quite easy, just checks the expert, most reliable, well-trained, and licensed technicians, using eco-friendly products, and has a 5-Star rating from Google Reviews, that’s Safe Pest Control Pty Ltd.!             

SafePestControl is here to provide you pest control solutions to all pest problems you are encountering at home or on your business premises. The high-calibre technicians will guide you step-by-step from initial inspection up to treatment implementation using the latest technology. 

For fleas, the 2-step treatment would be, spraying of eco-friendly products to all internal rooms with timber or carpet flooring, lower outer walls, and garden (if any) then followed by a dusting of the subfloor. This process will be repeated after 2 weeks to break the breeding cycle of fleas in your home. Technicians will ensure that no fleas, their eggs or larva will be left in your home and the sources will be removed permanently.  

Getting rid of fleas is easy if you contact one of the most reliable pest control companies in Sydney, SafePestControl! Just Call 1300 119 085 now for immediate booking!

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