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Key Features of a 17inch Gaming Laptop

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Gaming laptops are one of the essential parts of a gaming unit. A good gaming laptop is vital in enhancing your playing experience. These laptops come in different sizes, types, and shapes to suit your different needs. The 17-inch gaming laptops from Razer have dominated the gaming industry due to their sophisticated features and high functionality. This article outlines the key features that make the 17inch gaming laptop the best alternative for your gaming needs.

  1. Screen Resolution

High screen resolution is an essential factor that makes the 17-inch gaming laptops from Razer suit your different gaming needs. Resolution refers to the pixel count or displays on the monitor while having a certain activity. These machines have a greater pixel count, which allows you to view clear videos and rich images to enjoy your game experience. For instance, most of these laptops come with a Full High Definition resolution essential in high-end gaming monitors.

  1. Screen Size

The larger screen on the 17-inch gaming laptops is key to enhancing the functionality and appearance of your game. You can easily and comfortably play your preferred games on these laptops without squinting your eyes. Check out https://www.razer.com/gaming-laptops/razer-blade-17 for the best 17-inch gaming laptop options to enhance your gaming experience. Experts reveal that the large screen size provides more space for the different components to fit, improving the robustness and efficiency of your play.

  1. Screen Type

When looking for high-end gaming laptops to take your computer gaming to the next level, screen type is a key consideration. The 17inch gaming laptop from Razer comes with the appropriate screen type to enhance your gaming needs. Most of these appliances come with IPS or AMOLED display panels. The IPS displays are the affordable option offering sharp, accurate, and glossy presentation to provide the best viewing angles, while AMOLED lights up the gaming unit pixels.

  1. Versatile

Versatility is one of the key benefits of choosing a 17inch gaming laptop. When purchasing a laptop, ensure that it offers the best versatility. Besides using the 17-inch gaming laptop for your gaming needs, these laptops are also suitable for other tasks. The laptops’ high processing unit and robust storage allow you to use the laptops for other functions or tasks, like school work or in offices for typing.

  1. Wider viewing Angle

Experts reveal the wider viewing angle is one of the top factors that make many gamers prefer the 17inch gaming laptop. These laptops come with a larger display which helps achieve a wider or more prominent viewing angle. The wider viewing angle makes these appliances prominent to allow you to watch and perceive all aspects (photos and video) comfortably even when away from the screen. Thus, the wider viewing angle increases the overall experience and productivity of the gaming unit.


Selecting the best laptop is a significant step in enhancing your gaming experience and performance. 17-inch gaming laptops from Razer have developed into one of the best alternatives to improve your gaming experience. A wider viewing angle, excellent screen resolution, size, type, and versatile nature features make you enjoy a seamless playtime.

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