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Tips When You’re Preparing for Laser Tattoo Removal

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A few months or years ago, you might have taken a decision to engrave a tattoo on a certain part of your body, and probably, you were happy about it. But as you moved on in life, probably, you started regretting that design or artwork on your body. If this is your situation too, you can consider laser tattoo removal at this stage. Laser technology is capable enough to take out the ink from your skin layers with little effort and pain. The artwork may even fade like a stubborn tattoo and all your regrets may also fade with it.

If you are also planning to use laser technology for tattoo removal, it is important to go through the details below. Here we have listed essential tips that you need to follow for laser tattoo removal.

The science behind laser tattoo removal

Laser tattoo removal is a magical invention of science. It simply targets the pigment colors on the dermis; the skin layer between subcutaneous tissues and epidermis. The tattoo pigments are capable enough to absorb light beams and slowly fragment into smaller portions. The body then absorbs these tiny parts and eliminates them with the action of the immune system. 

There are so many methods of laser tattoo removal; out of which Q-switch is widely used. In this method, the light pulses with extremely high peak power are applied to the skin layer. Each one of these layers targets the respective tattoo colors with varying wavelength ranges. The very intense and precise beam fragments tattoo pigments very fast, without causing any damage to the surrounding tissues. 

How to prepare for laser tattoo removal?

If you are interested to use laser tattoo removal, it is first important to consult a medical health expert. They can explain to you the potential consequences and best methods to use. Below we have necessary tips that you should also consider for laser tattoo removal:

  • Eat a full snack or meal before the appointment. Many clients also feel light-headed when they come on an empty stomach. Also, it is important to have plenty of fluids before undergoing laser tattoo removal treatment. 
  • If you are a smoker, it is better to quit because it may otherwise slow down the healing process and can also increase complications. 
  • Avoid repeated sun exposure on the treated area; prefer using sunscreen or it is good to cover up the area after the first session. Tanned skin is prone to severe reactions; therefore, it must be protected in advance. 
  • Prefer wearing loose-fitting clothes when you go for the treatment. 
  • You may have to take Tylenol or some other trusted non-aspirin pain relief medication before undergoing this procedure. It can also help you alleviate discomfort during and after treatment. 
  • It is not good to take ibuprofen and aspirin because these medicines can cause bruising after treatment.
  • Ensure that the area under treatment is clean and free from cosmetics, perfumes, and lotions.

These simple care tips may help you to avoid major pain or discomfort during laser tattoo removal

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