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Everything You Need To Know Before Buying A Salvage Vehicle

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In case you’re new to the concept of salvage cars, then you must know that a salvage vehicle is a type of car that the vehicle insurance company no longer considers fit for use on the road, especially in its current condition. If a vehicle has been in an accident or has been damaged over time due to weathering elements, then the insurance company will simply write off the same and will take possession. 

After the insurance company obtains the possession, the vehicle is sold to a wrecking yard in Sydney, especially if the damage percentage hovers between 75 to 90. These cars are considered to be a total loss by the insurance companies and there are multiple salvage vehicle categories for the same. So, if you’re planning to purchase a salvage vehicle, you’ll need to know the multiple categories, which are explained below. 

The Categories Of A Salvage Vehicle

A salvage vehicle has four different categories and they are defined as mentioned below:

  • Category A

These types of cars are very badly damaged and are to be scrapped fully. They cannot appear on the roads ever again and each part should be recycled and reused.

  • Category B

Such cars are also extensively damaged but some components are still salvageable from the same. However, they’re still not fit to appear on the road and the obtained parts can be used in other running vehicles.

  • Category C

Even though these category vehicles can be repaired, the overall repair costs will exceed the vehicle’s current market value. Once they’re repaired, they can again appear on the road. But, buyers must proceed with caution due to the high repairing costs. 

  • Category D

These category cars have better form & structure than the previous ones mentioned above and the repairing costs will be slightly lower than the Category C vehicles. These cars can also appear on the road after relevant repairs.

Factors To Be Considered Before Purchasing A Salvage Vehicle

  • Learn The Details

Every salvaged vehicle out there has been damaged one way or the other. However, you must remember that the damage will vary from one vehicle to another. Therefore, you need to know what type of category the salvaged vehicle is. 

  • Inspect The Vehicle

It’s vital to inspect the car up close and personally, especially when you’re deciding to make an investment in the same. Inspections can help you clearly know the condition of the vehicle. 

  • Ensure That It’s Not A Stolen Vehicle

Even though chances for such a scenario happening is pretty minuscule, you should be wary of the same. Proceed to ask for proper documents if required, to understand that it’s not a stolen car. 

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